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The MSA-005X-3 Methuss X-3 is a prototype mobile suit that is featured in Anaheim Laboratory Log.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Methuss X-3 was the third and final prototype unit in the Methuss project. Like the MSA-005X-2 Methuss X-2, the X-3 was developed by Anaheim Electronics' Granada branch and its design team included former members of MIP, which developed Mobile Weapons for the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. The X-3 was developed independently of the X-2, though they share some parts, and the two units were intended to work together on the battlefield. The X-3 was conceived as a base-capture unit and featured heavier armor, with the exception of an exposed abdomen, to resist anti-aircraft attacks. The X-3 was armed with a large mega particle cannon on its back, which can be used in both MA and MS modes, as well as multiple missile bays across its body. Though it is primarily intended to operate in MA mode, the X-2 also features knuckle guards around its manipulators for destroying enemy facilities. The X-3 can also be equipped with one of the boosters used by the X-2. Test results from the X-3 as well as the X-1 and X-2 were used to develop the finalized MSA-005 Methuss.


  • Large Mega Particle Cannon
The Methuss X-3 is armed with a single large mega particle cannon on its back. Much larger than the mega particle cannons used by the X-2, the weapon is designed to be used in MA mode but can also be used in MS mode when the mobile suit leans forward
  • Beam Gun
A beam gun is mounted underneath each of the X-3's arms.
  • 6-tube Missile Pod
Eight 6-tube missile pods are mounted across the X-3's upper body. A missile pod is mounted on each side of the chest, with another mounted at the top of each shoulder. The remaining four missile pods are mounted on two articulated binders attached to the shoulders, with two missile pods per binder.
  • Single-tube Missile Pod
Twelve single-tube missile pods are mounted on the X-3's legs, with six mounted on the outward-facing side of each shin.
  • Knuckle Guard
For use in MS mode, a knuckle guard is equipped around each of the X-3's manipulators to aid in destroying enemy facilities.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Large Booster
The X-3 can be equipped with one of the booster units used by X-2. The X-3 uses Booster 1, which is composed of two large propellant tanks coupled together.

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