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The MSA-005M Methuss Mariner is a mobile suit derivative of the MSA-005 Methuss. It first appeared in Gundam WARS II: Mission ZZ.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Methuss Mariner was hurriedly developed by the AEUG during the First Neo Zeon War to counter Axis Earth drop operations and suppress enemy forces directly at the drop locations. To accomplish this the Methuss Mariner was designed to allow it to shift from atmosphere to the water warfare as it is. To enter the atmosphere it is equipped with a dedicated flying armor at the bottom of the fuselage, after landing it can also be used as a boat and can be ejected to allow diving. The back is equipped with a large hydro system and boasts high mobility in the water. A total of three stabilizers are installed in the crotch portion and the leg rear sections.


  • SUBROC (SUBmarine ROCket)
  • Arm Beam Gun
  • Claw Arm
  • Beam Saber

Special Equipment & Features

  • Flying Armor


The Methuss Mariner was not able to enter mass-production because the war situation had already moved to space when the pre-production machine rolled out.


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