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Mobile Suit X, or MS-X (エムエスエックス Emuesuekkusu?) for short, is a series of new mecha designs and variations on standard anime mecha designs, from the Mobile Suit Gundam animated series. Just like the Mobile Suit Variations (MSV) series of designs, these MS-X mobile suit variations are all legitimate and were part of an original design series.

Publication History

In 1984 plans for an original One Year War side-story by Mobile Suit Gundam script-writer Hiroyuki Hoshiyama, featuring several new mecha designs by Kunio Okawara, were picked up by Kodansha comics. The story of MS-X would center around Colonel Den Berserk during the Earth Federation Forces' struggle to capture the Pezun asteroid and his battles against the Principality of Zeon mobile suits created under the "Pezun Project".

However most of these new units were never animated outside of lineart. As soon as Okawara's new mobile suit designs were published and the planned story was being publicized, Sunrise animation studio announced that they would be releasing Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, which cast a pall over MS-X. Kodansha comics quickly cancelled the planned MS-X series over doubts whether the series would fit into the continuity and never picked back up. Most of the mobile suit designs are considered semi-official, however, a few were later seen in other Gundam side-stories, video games, and manga.

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Principality of Zeon

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