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The MS-17R Galbaldy α High Mobility Type is a mobile suit featured in Anaheim Laboratory Log.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Galbaldy α High Mobility Type is a variant specialized for space combat. It is equipped with the same type of legs as the MS-14BR Gelgoog High Mobility R Type, improving its mobility. It is armed with the same weapons as the YMS-15 Gyan, as well as the MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger's beam machine gun.


  • Beam Machine Gun
A weapon that is more powerful than a regular beam rifle. It is possible to fire a pulsed beam, and the destructive power is given priority over the penetration force. In the case of a single shot, the target can be destroyed with high accuracy because the kinetic energy of the beam is less likely to decay. The sights are also exceptional.
  • Beam Saber
The same type of beam saber used by the Gyan, it is specialized for piercing and stabbing attacks rather than cutting.
  • Missile Shield
A large circular shield equipped with launchers for needle missiles and hide bombs.
  • Needle Missile
A type of micro missile. Due to their small size, they are not very powerful and are mainly used to restrain enemy's movement or for intimidation purposes. Though they are still powerful enough to destroy mobile suit weapons.
  • Hide Bomb
A type of space mine. The hide bombs freely float around in space once deployed, damaging any Mobile Suit that comes near them.


After the end of the One Year War, some Galbaldy α units were captured by the Earth Federation Forces and developed into the RMS-117 Galbaldy β, while others were transferred to Axis. Some of the latter were modified into Galbaldy α High Mobility Type.

In September, U.C. 0084, one blue Galbaldy α High Mobility Type and one green Galbaldy α escorted a MS-09SS Dowas Custom in Char Aznable's colors from Axis to the Anaheim Electronics facility on Granada. On the lunar surface, the three machines encountered the Titans 7th Platoon and engaged them in combat.

The 7th Platoon consisted of two GM Quel, a GM Sniper II, and the Pale Rider DII. With its superior mobility, the Galbaldy High Mobility type easily overwhelmed one of the GM Quel and disabled it with a volley of beam machine gun fire, while the green Galbaldy destroyed the other. However, the Pale Rider faked a retreat, allowing the GM Sniper II to heavily damage the green Galbaldy with its beam sniper rifle.

Having avoided the sniper fire, the High Mobility Galbaldy pursued the Pale Rider, destroying its Shekinah composite weapon with needle missiles. As the Pale Rider attempted to counterattack with a beam rifle, the High Mobility Galbaldy threw its shield at it, knocking it off balance. It then cut off the Pale Rider's arms with its beam saber, disabling it.