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The MS-14G Gelgoog Ground Type is a ground combat variant of the original MS-14A Gelgoog from the Universal Century timeline.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A Gelgoog modified for combat on Earth. Unlike the original prototype it is equipped with a backpack for use under Earth's gravity. It has also undergone modifications such as dustproofing on its joints, the removal of the spare generators on its arms, and the installation of a grenade launcher and gatling as internal weapons. It is also referred to as the "G Type" and features the same handheld armaments as the standard production model Gelgoog. One customized unit was operated by Visch Donahue, it was painted in a green color scheme and had it's backpack removed therefore having it's exterior resemble the pre-production type Gelgoog.


  • Twin Beam Sword
The twin beam sword, also known as a beam naginata, is the Gelgoog's close-range weapon. Its handle is about the length of two beam saber hilts, and has an emitter at both ends, allowing a single weapon to create two beam blades. It can also generate only a beam blade on one end. When not in use, it is stored on the mobile suit's back.
  • Prototype Beam Rifle
One of the prototype beam rifles developed in parallel with the Gelgoog. It has a unique cooling system for the generation of a high output beam so as to reduce the beam attenuation effect in the atmosphere. Although powerful, its energy conversion efficiency is poor, requiring time to recharge. Since it was intended to be used on the ground, it is prone to overheating when used in space.
  • Beam Rifle
The Gelgoog series is the first series of mass produced Principality of Zeon mobile suit to be equipped with a beam rifle. It was developed by incorporating the federation's technical data on energy CAP technology that Zeon obtained via Side 6. The beam rifle fires compressed mega particles in the form of a beam which has the power to penetrate all but the specially treated materials.
  • Arm Gatling Gun
Equipped on the right forearm.
  • Grenade Launcher
Equipped on the left forearm.
  • Short Shield
A small shield that is typically mounted on the left forearm atop the grenade launcher.
  • Shield
The shield is a thick sheet of armor designed to take severe punishment that would normally destroy a mobile suit. Typically physical shields can only take so much damage before they succumb to the pressure and break. The Gelgoog's shield is arm-mounted and can be stored on the back when not in use.
  • MMP-80 90mm Machine Gun
A small caliber machine gun for mobile suits developed under the United Maintenance Plan. The overall shape and mechanism of the Zaku Machine Gun, which was previously deployed, has been changed. The magazine has been changed from a drum magazine to a box magazine, and a 197mm grenade launcher is available as an option. The caliber has been reduced to 90mm, but as a result, the hit rate has improved, and the 90mm shell used is also excellent in initial velocity and anti-MS firepower. The number of bullets loaded is 32 in the standard single magazine and 100 in the triple magazine. The late production model features a different barrel and hand guard, resulting in a more compact shape.
  • MMP-78 Machine Gun
A new model machine gun with enhanced firepower to combat Federation Forces MS. Early type and late type models exist, with differences in the location and mounting of the grip on the latter. In addition to the regular machine gun bullets fed from the drum magazine, the MMP-78 is also capable of firing anti-aircraft rounds being fed from a smaller, box-type magazine. The MMP-78 is also integrated with a grenade launcher under its barrel for additional firepower. "MMP" is an abbreviation for "Mobile Suit Machine Pistol".
  • Large Beam Machine Gun
A weapon that is more powerful than a regular beam rifle. It is possible to fire a pulsed beam, and the destructive power is given priority over the penetration force. In the case of a single shot, the target can be destroyed with high accuracy because the kinetic energy of the beam is less likely to decay. The sights are also exceptional.


One unit belonged to the Zeon Foreign Legion's Ken Bederstadt, it was delivered to him by a H.L.V. near the end of the One Year War, and his usage of this machine earned him the nickname the "pitiless war god". Another customized unit was operated by Visch Donahue, he and his machine would battle the White Dingo Team, but would be defeated.





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