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The MS-13 Gasshia is a mobile suit that first appeared in original design series MS-X. The unit is piloted by Daru.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Although the Gasshia's shape leaves the look of amphibious MS, assuming the actual combat input at the end of the war, it has become a design that emphasizes low gravity warfare, such as space warfare and the moon, it is equipped with two ground sensors on the back. The Gasshia is an assault type MS, developed with a mobile armor-like idea and is normally operated by two pilots.

It is usually operated in an assault operation in conjunction with the MS-09R Rick Dom, mobility and hitting force is emphasized, and is equipped with a special carry-on type shooting weapon to perform a mass attack in addition to the interior firearms. The Gasshia also adopted claw type manipulators that were suitable for close range combat.


  • 4-tube 180mm Missile Launcher
  • Iron Nail
  • Hammer Gun

Special Equipment & Features

  • Ground Sensors


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