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The MS-109A Goblin is a Neo Zeon produced mass-produced mobile suit first featured in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam: The Revival of Zeon.

Design & Development

The MS-109A is one of two mass-produced variants of the Goblin developed by Neo Zeon, the other being the MS-109D. The A variant was designed with cost-cutting in mind, and is suitable for space and ground use. The overall cost was reduced to two-thirds of typical production costs, as Neo Zeon had a MS shortage at the time. The Goblin was given its nickname due to its small stature compared to other Zeon mobile suits at the time.


The MS-109A was originally deployed by Neo Zeon as a limited production, cost-cutting mobile suit intended for small-scale combat and fortification defense. Due to its performance being higher than originally predicted, full-scale production began for the MS and many obsolete Zaku II, Gouf, and Dom units were replaced.


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