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The MS-09SS Dowas Custom is a mobile suit featured in Anaheim Laboratory Log.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

At the end of the war one of the MS-09S Dowas was transported to the asteroid Axis by Zeon remnants who fled to the asteroid belt at the end of the One Year War. There, it was subjected to further mobility and generator output upgrades as well as improvements to its combat abilities and armor through the use of Gundarium alloy. Additional armor evolved the suit into the Dowas Custom.


  • Vulcan Gun
Mounted in the head, the pair of shell firing weapons have a high rate of fire but little power and can't damage the armor of a mobile suit, though they can damage lightly armored areas such as the sensors. They are ideal for shooting down small, lightly armored targets such as missiles, attack vehicles, etc.
  • Scattering Beam Gun
Like the Dowas, the Dowas Custom's breast-mounted beam gun can be used from mid to close range.
  • Beam Bazooka
A hand-carried high output beam weapon. The beam bazooka is powered by its own internal reactor and is, essentially, a Musai deck gun scaled down for mobile suit use.
  • Heat Saber
Stored on the backpack when not in use, this weapon uses thermal energy to superheat its blade, allowing it to melt through the armor of an enemy machine at high speed.

Special Equipment & Features

  • External Ejectable Propellant Tank
An external tank used for propellant storage. This extra propellant greatly extends a mobile suit's operating range, and enables it to stay in combat longer. When the propellant is consumed, the tank can be discarded to reduce the mobile suit's weight. These tanks use a two-layered construction, with one layer containing propellant, and the other holding extra coolant.


When Char Aznable leaves Axis for his mission to infiltrate the Earth Federation Forces ranking, he takes a Dowas Custom and some Gundarium alloy to Anaheim Electronics. As a result, the MS-09SS Dowas Custom would be used as the base for the design of the Gamma Gundam (later known as the RMS-099 Rick Dias), a state of the art unit that uses Gundarium alloy.

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