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The MS-09RN-2 Tusche Schwarz (German for "ink black") is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Deleted Affair: Portrait Of Young Comet manga series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MS-09RN-2 Tusche Schwarz is an experimental Newtype-use mobile suit and successor of the MS-09R4 Psycommu Rick Dom. While the MS-09R4 suffered operational problems with the excessive size of the Psycommu control unit, a successfully redesigned and downsized version was equipped on the MS-09RN-2. The bits are integrated into the main body, removing the need for the bit carrier. In addition, the compact size of the bits allowed for an increased total of twelve. However, the Psycommu system itself was not perfect and placed high stress loads on the pilot, requiring the need for drug administration for the occupant.


  • Bit
Bits are a type of mobile pod weapon that is equipped with a rocket thruster, verniers, a power generator, a single beam gun, and a receptor designed to work in conjunction with the Psycommu system. Their systems are designed to allow the bit an extended operating time independent of its carrier. The Psycommu system allowed the bits to receive commands via psycowaves from the pilot, thus allowing for control that is not interrupted by Minovsky particles. The beam gun with its own power generator allows the bit to conduct its own attacks. When multiple bits attack at once they can conduct all range attacks. The Tusche Schwarz is equipped with 12 bits.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Psycommu System
During the One Year War, the researchers of the Flanagan Institute discover that Newtypes emit powerful thoughtwaves - similar to regular brainwaves, but not electrical in nature - which they call psycowaves. The Flanagan Institute goes on to develop a mind-machine interface called the psycommu (psyco-communicator) system, which receives these thoughtwaves and translates them into computer commands. Using this interface a Newtype pilot can direct remote weapons and operate huge mobile armors by thought alone. The Zeon forces based at the asteroid Axis succeed in miniaturizing the psycommu system, so that it can be installed in regular-sized mobile suits like the AMX-004 Qubeley. The Federation Forces, meanwhile, concentrate on developing artificially enhanced cyber-Newtypes to operate their psycommu weapons.


The MS-09RN-2 Tusche Schwarz was first launched by the Axis hardliner army coup led by Colonel Enzo Bernini when fighting broke out in July U.C.0083. Although second lieutenant Rebecca Fanning first piloted the Tusche Schwarz as a test pilot, she physically and mentally collapsed from high stress of the Psycommu system during combat. It was then piloted by corporal Yayoi Ikaruga.


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