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The MS-09K-2 (MS-09KM) Dom Cannon (aka Dom Cannon Twin Gun Type) is an artillery ground Mobile Suit from the original design series Harmony of Gundam by Hajime Katoki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A middle range support variant of the YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type, the Dom Cannon was equipped with a pair of middle cannons, based on operational data from the MS-06K Zaku Cannon. For self defense, it was equipped with an arm-mounted triple missile pod. It could also be armed with a zaku machine gun and hand grenades. Due to the mobile suit's design concept and balance issues, the heat saber was omitted.


  • Twin Middle Cannon
A pair of cannons mounted behind the right shoulder, designed for mid-range support.
  • 120mm Machine Gun
  • Triple Missile Pod
Mounted on the left forearm, it is similar to the one used by the MS-06D Zaku Desert Type.
  • Hand Grenade


Because of its late development, only a handful of these MS were produced before the end of the war.


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