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The MS-09K-1 Dom Cannon (aka Dom Cannon Single Gun Type, Dom Cannon I) is a variant of the YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type. First featured in the original design series Harmony of Gundam, it later appeared in the manga Mobile Suit Gundam Katana.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Dom Cannon is a mobile suit developed for anti-air attacks and mid-long range support purposes. It is created using additional produced YMS-09D Dom Tropical Test Type as a base, and incorporates data from the MS-06K Zaku Cannon which by then had been deployed in multiples battles and contributed to several victories.[1] Its main armament is a long cannon on its back, and it was equipped with an arm-mounted triple missile pod as an secondary armament. It is not equipped with a heat saber due to its concept.


  • Long Cannon
Mounted on the right side of the backpack, this artillery cannon is for mid-long range fire support.
  • Triple Missile Pod
Mounted on the left forearm, it is similar to the one used by the MS-06D Zaku Desert Type.
  • ZMP-47D 105mm Machine Gun
A standard firearm for Zaku type MS. A 100-round drum magazine is mounted on the right side vertically.
  • M-120A1 120mm Machine Gun
The same portable firearm used by the Zaku II. It can switch between semi-automatic and automatic fire. Although useless against Luna Titanium Alloy, it can still destroy weaker armor material with multiple shots. It fires 120mm caliber rounds that are stored in a 100-rounds drum magazine.
  • MMP-80 90mm Machine Gun
A small caliber machine gun for mobile suits developed under the United Maintenance Plan. The overall shape and mechanism of the Zaku Machine Gun, which was previously deployed, has been changed. The magazine has been changed from a drum magazine to a box magazine, and a 197mm grenade launcher is available as an option. The caliber has been reduced to 90mm, but as a result, the hit rate has improved, and the 90mm shell used is also excellent in initial velocity and anti-MS firepower. The number of bullets loaded is 32 in the standard single magazine and 100 in the triple magazine. The late production model features a different barrel and hand guard, resulting in a more compact shape.


The production numbers for the Dom Cannon were small and it was never mass-produced in earnest.



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