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The MS-08TX/N Efreet Nacht is a variant of the MS-08TX Efreet. It first appeared in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record U.C. 0081.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MS-08TX/N Efreet Nacht is equipped with a jamming system which causes any detectors, radar, thermal sensing devices within an area of five square kilometers around it to malfunction. The Zeon Earth Attack Force increased the armor of the Efreet Nacht to make sure there is no interference with the signal and equipped it with a high power signal generator. The Efreet Nacht's weapons are four cold kunais, one cold blade, and one hidden 3-barrel gatling gun mounted on its left arm. The blades deliver high output electrical shocks, similar to the Gouf's heat rod, allowing them to disable enemy mobile suits with a single cut. The kunais, however, only have enough charge for one application; they then must be returned to their storage racks for recharge. Optionally, the Efreet Nacht can also mount a Shotgun and a Heat Saber.


  • Cold Kunai
These kunai are used, like the MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom's heat wire, to short an enemy unit's electrical systems. They have to be returned to their storage rack to recharge after each use. The suit has four cold kunai, two stored on the legs and two on the side skirt armor.
  • 3-barrel Gatling Gun
A 3-barreled projectile weapon is attached to the Efreet Nacht's left arm. It is similar to the Gouf Custom's 35mm machine Gun.
  • Cold Blade
Shaped like a katana, the Cold Blade is designed to short out an enemy unit's electrical systems like the Cold Kunai, but it has better endurance. The weapon is stored on the suit's back when not in use.
  • Shotgun
Like the original Efreet, the Efreet Nacht can use a shotgun, it is similar to the shotgun used by the MS-18E Kämpfer.
  • MMP-80/90mm Ver.8 Machine Gun
An alternative to the 120mm Machine Gun. It used 90mm bullets instead of 120mm type, allowing for a greater firing speed and better penetration capabilities. The machine gun is magazine-fed with 32 rounds per mag with extra magazines stored on the waist armor.
  • Heat Saber
Like the Zaku's heat tomahawk, the heat saber has a blade that is heated to high temperatures in order to increase its cutting capacity. The heat saber however has a longer reach and hence a greater range of attack than the heat tomahawk. The heat saber used by the Efreet Nacht is similar in design to that of the original Efreet.


Much like the Gouf, the Efreet was a high-performance close combat ground mobile suit created by the Zeon Earth Attack Force. However, the Efreet had an incredibly short production run. In the end only eight Efreets would be built during the One Year War before production would be halted in favor of newer and more revolutionary designs like the Dom. All eight Efreets was sent to Odessa where they would be tested for further development. One of the Efreets was developed into the MS-08TX/N Efreet Nacht, but any further development on the mobile suit was halted when the Earth Federation Forces launched a battle on Odessa. After the battle, the Earth Federation Forces captured the Efreet Nacht. In 0081 U.C., the Principality of Zeon's Invisible Knight squad member Erik Blanke re-captured the Efreet Nacht and immediately engaged in battle against the Earth Federation's Phantom Sweep team.




Notes and Trivia

  • "Nacht" is the German word for "night".


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