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The MS-06MS Barbus first appears in the "Satellite of the Apes" chapter of the Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Skull Heart manga.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A unique mobile suit produced under the top-secret "Project E" experiment started during the One Year War by commander Garma Zabi, after witnessing a monkey playing a video-game. The tests were conducted at a Zeon research satellite. Designed specifically for use by the Newtype monkeys produced from the project, The "Barbus" used the base frame of the MS-06F, with retro-fitted leg parts to allow the monkey to control all four manipulators of the machine as if it were extensions of their own limbs. Because the monkeys exhibited excellent technical aptitude and piloting skills, the Magnetic Coating treatment had also been applied to the joints to improve response speed and had tremendous cornering ability. The "Barbus" ran a powerful generator that allowed the simultaneous use of four MS-14 Gelgoog beam rifles. Despite the success of the experiments, "Project E" and the research satellite were entirely forgotten at the end of the war.


  • Beam Rifle
Because the Barbus has four arms it is capable of wielding four beam rifles.


At some point during the U.C. 130s, nearly 50 years after the project was halted, EFF officer Harrison Maddin receives information from an aged Zeon fanatic and is later assigned to investigate the research satellite. He is immediately attacked and, despite piloting a mass-produced variant of the F91 Gundam Formula 91, he is overwhelmed by the fighting capabilities of the Newtype chimpanzees and their MS-06MS Barbus. It is only with assistance from Tobia Arronax, who uses the XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai anti-beam coating cloak, yellow spray paint, and oxygen tanks to make a giant banana-shaped balloon as a distraction, that Harrison is able to defeat them.

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