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The MS-06JK Zaku Half Cannon is a variant mobile suit of the MS-06K Zaku Cannon. It was first featured in the MSV-R design series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MS-06JK Zaku Half Cannon is a converted MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type using various parts from the MS-06K Zaku Cannon.


  • 2-tube Rocket Launcher
Also known as Big Gun, the 2-tube Rocket Launcher is mounted on the left side of the Zaku Half Cannon's backpack. It is magazine-fed and can fire small-caliber rockets rapidly.
  • 120mm Gatling Gun
The gatling gun is a medium-range weapon mounted on the Zaku Half Cannon's backpack for anti-air and anti-ground attacks. Can be switched with the 180mm Cannon.
  • 180mm Cannon
Mounted on the Zaku Half Cannon's backpack, this cannon is able to destroy a mobile suit in one shot. Can be switched with the 120mm Gatling Gun.
  • Shoulder Shield
Mounted on the right shoulder, it is a simple defense used to block most physical projectiles.
  • 120mm Machine Gun
A standard weapon for Zaku type mobile suits. It is a shell firing gun that does not require energy to be used, however its effectiveness against heavy armor is very limited. This model used a 100-round drum magazine.
  • 3-tube Missile Pod
A pair of optional 3-tube missile pods can be mounted on the legs for mid to long-range attacks.

Special Equipment & Features

  • 2-tube Smoke Discharger
Mounted on the backpack, it releases a cloud of smoke that covers the area around the mobile suit to make it more difficult for enemies to target.
  • Underground Sonar
Exclusive to Mia Brinkman's unit. The Noisy Fairy Squadron received this system from the Midnight Fenrir Corps, and installed it into the legs of Mia's Zaku Half Cannon. Although considered outdated technology by the time of the One Year War, the underground sonar was generally less affected by Minovsky Particle interference compared to radar. It proved an invaluable tool when it came to detecting moving ground targets during nighttime operations, in environments with low visibility, and in environments with high Minovsky Particle density.




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