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The MS-06C-6/R6 Zaku II is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga. This variant of the MS-06 Zaku II was used by Char Aznable's crew on the Falmer [1].

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Zaku II units deployed during the first battles of the One Year War, such as the Clash of Loum, were mainly early production models known as the Type C[2]. The Type C units were developed to be utilized in space and were later customized into the Type C-5 and Type C-6[2]. Both Types C-5 and C-6 had cockpit hatches shaped differently from the Type C and Type F (which appeared after Type C-6), and a laser gun was mounted on the left side of the chest.[1][2]. The Type C-6 also had a vulcan gun added to the right side of the chest.[2]. Overall, the Type C-6 has enhanced armor and weaponry and is produced in limited numbers.[1].

Various armaments were proposed and developed for the Zaku II, such as the optional parts referred to as the R6 kit[2]. The R6 kits were mainly used by the Type C-5, C-6, and F units, and consisted of two weapons: a 20mm machine gun pod that was mounted on the forearm and 30mm vulcan guns mounted on the left and right sides of the chest[2]. An "/R6" was added to the model numbers of Zaku II units equipped with one or both of the R6 kit weapons[2].





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  • The R6 Kit may be a reference to the Rüstsatz field modification kits produced for the German Luftwaffe during the Second World War.

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