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The MS-05 Zaku First Refined Type 185th Airborne Paratrooper Use is a mobile suit featured in the Solomon Express design series. It was designed by Makoto Kobayashi and featured in the October 1999 issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine.


First deployed by the 185th Airborne Paratrooper division during the initial Earth drop operation, This enhanced MS-05 Zaku I variant featured the inclusion of MS-06 parts, and for this reason, it is strikingly similar to the Zaku II in appearance. Among its various modifications, it was fitted with a different head component, significantly enhanced arm parts featuring additional armor on the shoulders, an anti-drop chain, and an I-field generator for anti-radiation purposes. Its main armaments were an ZMP-50D/120mm machine gun, an Atomic bazooka that was to be used as an anti-fortress weapon, and a Heat knife, although this weapon would be replaced by a Heat hawk. Most notable among this unit's pilots is the distinguished Alan "Bravo" Sinclair, an Operation British veteran.

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