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MS-05S Char's Zaku I (MS-05S ザクⅠ(シャア専用機)?) is a mobile suit featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga, its OVA adaptation and Mobile Suit Discovery [2][5]. It was Char Aznable's own customized MS-05 Zaku I [4]

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Anticipating a war of independence, the Principality of Zeon forces made their preparations for the outbreak of war by mass-producing the MS-05 Zaku I. The MS-05 Zaku I was armed with ranged weapons and a shield affixed to its forearm, and in close combat, it was designed to carry out ramming attacks using the armor attached to its left shoulder. However, a few ideas for revisions were suggested based on mobility test data. A new type of shield mounted on the right shoulder was developed, which could protect the machine over a wider area. And for offense, a new type of left shoulder armor was introduced, with spikes installed for increased damage during ramming attacks. In addition to the standard MS machine gun (drum magazine type) and Type A1 MS bazooka, the MS machine gun (belt-fed type) was developed, which had increased ammunition thanks to a feed mechanism mounted on the mobile suit's back. This new equipment, which eliminated the problems of the MS-05 Zaku I, was intended for use by the improved MS-06 Zaku II that was being developed at a rapid pitch. However, since the war of Zeon independence broke out just before the MS-06 Zaku II entered full-scale mass production, some units of the MS-05 Zaku I were fitted with this MS-06 Zaku II equipment and deployed in battle as a special type. One of these served as Char's personal machine [2].

Equipment & Features


The backpack was substituted with the MS-06's backpack for greater propulsion. It is equipped with two main thrusters and two auxiliary Vernier thrusters [3].


Belt-Fed Machine Gun

The machine gun was belt-fed from a box magazine attached to the bottom of the backpack, which held a larger amount of ammunition compared to a drum magazine [3].

Shoulder Armor

A spike was added to the shoulder armor in anticipation of close combat against other mobile suits [3].

Heat Hawk

A hatchet-type weapon for close combat. The lowing red blade could melt the armor of enemy suits with its high heat [3].


For greater defense, the shield was modified into a composite armor made of steel and various shock-absorbing materials [3].

Machine Gun

A portable firearm that was developed specifically for mobile suits [6].

Type A1 MS Bazooka

Unlike the Type A2, it did not feature a magazine and had to be reloaded after each shot [7].


The Battle of Mare Smythii was an incident that not only demonstrated the usefulness of mobile suits but also made it clearer how they should be used as weapons. It particularly cast light on the lack of mobility or power of the MS-05 Zaku I, which had just begun production. Zeonic, Inc.Zeonic, Inc. immediately addressed this issue and urgently embarked on the development and refinement of the MS-06 Zaku II as a superior model to the MS-05. The MS-5S Zaku I was a mobile suit that was mainly improved in terms of its equipment, and fell between the MS-05 and MS-06 in status. The MS-06 incorporates many components that are common in the MS-05, but its armor and parts were incorporated into the MS-05S before being applied to the MS-06. Although it was a temporary measure, the MS-05S's comprehensive ability was strengthened, and the MS-05S was sent into the Lunar Attack Force, as the mass production framework for the MS-06 had yet to be created [3].

One Week Battle

The MS-05S that Char Aznable boarded in the Von Braun space battle was one of these mobile suits. It was equipped with spiked shoulder armor, an L-shaped shield, and a belt-fed machine gun. The twilight-colored body and mobility that exceeded specifications were like a foretelling of the birth of the Red Comet [3].

The Magellan-class space battleship of the Earth Federation Forces was bombarded by a single mobile suit. The red—or more exactly, the twilight-colored—MS-05S Zaku I moved adroitly and shot its machine gun as shells from the feeder belt were racked into the chamber. Incredibly, Char Aznable sat in the cockpit and shot with extraordinary quickness and unmatched accuracy while enjoying a video conversation with Lalah Sune [8][4].




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