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The MS-05B Zaku I Land Warfare Type is a mobile suit used by the Principality of Zeon. It appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front video game.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Zaku I Land Warfare Type was essentially a Zaku I modified for ground combat and repainted in region-specific colors.


  • 105mm Machine Gun
A standard weapon for Zaku type mobile suits, this model is the initial type of machine gun used by the Zaku series. A 100-round drum magazine is mounted on the right side vertically.
  • 120mm Machine Gun
Another standard weapon for Zaku type mobile suits. It is a shell firing gun that does not require energy to be used, however its effectiveness against heavy armor is very limited. This model used a 100-round drum magazine.
  • 120mm Assault Rifle
A long-barreled weapon used for long-range and support attacks, it fires highly accurate solid rounds.
  • 280mm Zaku Bazooka
The 280mm Zaku Bazooka was another standard weapon that could be equipped to a Zaku type mobile suit. The bazooka is quite effective against the armor of Earth Federation mobile suits and battleships.
  • Shotgun
A pump-action shotgun, it is of the same type as the one used by the MS-18E Kämpfer.
  • 880mmRB-T27 Raketen Bazooka
A new heavy bazooka which features powerful rocket-propelled rounds, and improved targeting sensor with protective cover for aiming. The bazooka is fed by a 5 rounds clip.
  • 360mm Giant Bazooka
The same Giant Bazooka used by the Dom series of mobile suits, it is fed by a 10 rounds magazine. A single round can blow the torso off of an enemy mobile suit.
  • Heat Hawk
An axe-like melee weapon, whose name is short for "tomahawk". Thermal energy is used to superheat the heat hawk's blade, allowing it to slice through the armor of enemy warships or mobile suits.
  • Heat Sword
A melee weapon originally developed for the Gouf line of mobile suits. Like the Zaku's heat tomahawk, the heat sword's blade is heated to high temperatures to increase its cutting capacity.
  • Shield
The shield is a thick sheet of armor designed to take severe punishment that would normally destroy a mobile suit. Shields are also treated with an anti-beam coating to withstand several beam shots before the coating wears off. Typically, physical shields can only take so much damage before they succumb to the pressure and break.


Few of these suits would see action, for while the Zaku I series was no longer being mass-produced, it was not difficult to obtain one. Most Zaku I were assigned to pilots that requested them, or to newly formed squadrons that were unable to obtain the best equipment available. More would be assigned to the Midnight Fenrir teams. And while Manning and Swaggard would eventually take on additional mobile suits, Austin would keep his Zaku I throughout the remainder of the war, adding different weapons and option parts to suit his liking. These included the MS-07B Gouf’s heat sword, and even a shield salvaged from a fallen RGM-79 GM.

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