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The MSΖ-010[G] ZZ Gundam Ground Use Type is a variant of the MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam featured in the Dengeki Hobby Magazine September 2000 issue.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A few years after the First Neo Zeon War, reconstruction plans were proposed by some departments for the exhausted Earth Federation Forces. The MSΖ-010[G] ZZ Gundam Ground Use Type was among these plans. The original concept was to equip MS with large caliber guns to increase attack power. The MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam was selected since it met requirements to carry these enormous weapons. The G-Fortress transformation mechanisms are retained, using surplus power to drive electrical motor treads to travel across land. This form is also known as the "Ground Fortress" mode, with the backpack being utilized as a turret. The generator output has been lowered, as a result, the High Mega Cannon is rendered useless. The ZZ Gundam Ground Use Type suffered significant practical problems such as lack of ammunition and excessive load on the transformation mechanism under gravity.


Although the ZZ Gundam Ground Use Type was supposed to undergo performance tests in Africa, the Federation army reconstruction committee had no intention of adopting the plan, no matter what the results would be.

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