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The MRX-008 Prototype Psycho Gundam is a large experimental mobile suit that appears in the novel Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Four Story - And to a soldier…, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Side Story - Nightmare of the Battlefield, and Mobile Suit Collection Comic SECRET FORMULA. It was the direct prototype of the MRX-009 Psycho Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MRX-008 was a further refined variant of the MRX-007 Prototype Psycho Gundam, and up-scaled to nearly 40 meters to accommodate the large psycommu system internally within the machine's frame itself rather than externally. The MRX-008 was also fitted with a more powerful generator, various weapons, transformation mechanisms and a Minovsky craft system. Painted in all white, this machine is nicknamed the "Refrigerator" by the development staff.


Upon its completion, it was immediately tested using the cyber-Newtype subject number 004 (Jill Ratokie) as the pilot, however, several flaws in the prototype psycommu system cause the pilot to go berserk and resulting in several accidents. The pilot dies during the experiment phase, but the data retrieved from this unit is used to construct the MRX-009 Psycho Gundam. The MRX-008 is later sent to Anaheim Electronics' (AE) 4th Development Division on the Moon to assist in the development of the MRX-011 Mass Production Type Psycho Gundam commissioned by the Titans.

In the Secret Formula story, a schism between AE and the Titans causes the Titans to carry out an guerrilla operation to retrieve the MRX-008 and MRX-011 Psycho Gundams from AE. The two prototype Mass Production Types are destroyed in the process, but they succeed in recovering the MRX-008 and lay waste to the development facility, thus depriving Anaheim of the precious data the Titans had provided. The operation also deals heavy damage to the 3rd Development Division, which was developing the Hyaku Shiki series, and the project was also cancelled as a result.

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