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The MMS-DS209 Guppy is a Mobile Worker that appears in the G-Saviour film.

Technology & Characteristics

A mobile worker developed for deep sea excavation purposes. The cockpit houses several instruments, including a built-in seismometer and life-support system. To move more smoothly underwater, it also has a transformable Swimming Mode. The Guppy's CONSENT authorization code is CEM-217-82065.


  • Winch
The Guppy's sole equipment is a winch used for excavation.


While working at the underwater rig Hydro-Gen, a damaged Congressional Armed Forces CCMS-03 Bugu crashes into the ocean after dropping into orbit from a space station. Mark Curran goes to rescue the pilot, Tim Holloway, despite the Guppy not being suited for the depth. Mark is able to rescue the pilot and brings him to Hydro-Gen for treatment.

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Notes & Trivia

  • This mobile suit bears some resemblance to the MSM-07 Z'Gok.


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