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The MIP-X1 only appears in the Mobile Suit Illustrated 2003 art-book.


Several years before the One Year War started, The Principality of Zeon commissioned various companies and design firms to participate in a new conceptual weapons competition for the era of the Minovsky particle.

The MIP Company's entry was a high-speed spacecraft equipped with manipulator arms and armed with a mega particle cannon; however, The X1 is ultimately rejected, losing out to Zeonic Company's AMBAC Space Pod, which demonstrated the agile AMBAC System and more versatile mobile suit concept.

As the One Year War opened and Zeon considered the mobile armor concept once again, the MIP-X1's design is resurrected and remodeled into the mobile armor MA-05 Bigro. The X1 is considered to be the ancestor of all mobile armors.

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