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The Astray Mirage Frame 3rd Issue is a upgraded version of the MBF-P05LM2 Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 2nd Issue developed by the mysterious organization known as Librarian Works. The unit first appeared in the photo series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

An upgrade of the MBF-P05LM2 Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 2nd Issue using parts from MBF-05LM Gundam Astray Mirage Frame. It retains all of Astray Mirage Frame 2nd Issue's weapons and abilities, and adds Astray Mirage Frame's Anklet and Bracelet Swords as well as the melee-combat sensors. All these upgrades help to improve Astray Mirage Frame 3rd Issue's close combat performances.


  • "Amenohabakili" Katana
A mobile suit-sized katana similar to the "Gerbera Straight" katana of the Red Frame. It is name after a magic blade of the same name in Japan. VPS is applied to this sword, allowing it to change its toughness and the ability to change colors. It also features data-gathering abilities, which are activated upon physical contact with an object. Information gathered from the cut object will directly affect the settings of the VPS, which will then be adjusted to guarantee a lethal blow with the next strike.
  • Compact Swords
The Compact Swords, or "C Sword" for short, is a pair of claws equipped on each of the knuckles (B-Type) and feet (A-Type) of the Mirage Frame 2nd Issue.
  • Anklet Sword
The Anklet Sword, or "A Sword" for short, is a pair of folding claws equipped on each of the heels.
  • Bracelet Sword
The Bracelet Sword, or "B Sword" for short, is a pair of long blades with build-in beam cannon and supporting arms which are mounted on the forearms of the suit. Different from the A sword, the B sword can be used in every mode of the Mirage Frame.
  • Fin Rifles
Powerful blades equipped on the shoulders that can be used as both close combat weapons as well as long ranged weapon. They contain a pair of powerful beam cannons and GAT-X252 Forbidden's Geschmeidig Panzer is applied on the fins, allowing the beam fired to curve. They are only usable in "Brute Mode".
  • Saber Fang
Usable only in "Brute Mode". A pair of powerful beam sabers equipped on the back of the Mirage Frame 2nd Issue which becomes the head in "Brute Mode".
  • CIWS
As with the other Orb Astray prototype, the Mirage Frame is also equipped with head-mounted "Igelstellung" 75mm multi-barrel CIWS. The CIWS can however only be used in "Tyrant mode".

System Features

  • Melee-Combat Sensors
Close-range sensors in the rear side of the head which sacrifice the long-range data gathering functions in exchange for optimum efficiency in close-range. The most signification feature of the close combat sensor is its ability to detect Mirage Colloid. Although this doesn't nullify effect of Mirage Colloid stealth system, it's good enough to locate the spreading source, allow Mirage Frame to attack enemy despite not "see" it.


Despite the upgrade to MBF-P05LM2 Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 2nd Issue, Gina was still defeated by Gai. Desperate for victory, he returns to the Librarian's base and has his MS upgraded again. Astray Mirage Frame 3rd Issue was developed and Gina again uses his MS to challenge Gai to another battle. The result of this fight is unknown.

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