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Template:Infobox/Mobile Weapon Ver.2 The MAN-104 (MSae-39) Nahatgall is a mobile suit featured in the in the January 2007 issue of Newtype Magazine. It was designed and illustrated by Mamoru Nagano.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A large-sized Mobile suit created under the codename "Nahatgall", Anaheim Electronics' Jupiter division kept this machines' development under a veil of secrecy, but it would be erroneously translated by the Moon-based Anaheim Electronics with the English term "Nightingale", and this error was maintained in the Earth Federation's reports. Based on the frame of the RMS-099 Rick Dias, the Nahatgall was equipped with funnels and speed boosters; It had multirole capabilities that enables its use in many combat situations, including anti-ship roles. Equipped with several Proton drive motors fitted within the rear skirt component, this machine is capable of reaching incredible power output levels compared to that of a standard MS. These components, however, made it generate excessive heat. Thus, it was equipped with large radiator plates fitted with numerous cooling ducts and heat sinks that can dissipate excess heat.


  • Gatling Beam Cannon
  • Proton Gun
  • Beam Machine Gun EK-33
  • Funnel

System Features

  • Proton Drive Motor
  • Backload Flare Ejector


The "Nahatgall" is developed during the Axis war for the Zeon army lead by Haman Karn, it was to be assigned to unit commanders.

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According to the explanations provided by Nagano himself, the meaning of the serial number is as follows:

  • MAN stands for Mobile Armor Newtype (despite this, the unit is classified as mobile suit)
  • The subsequent digits (in this case 104) express the progressive position in the development line
  • The lower case "ae" indicates that this mecha is built by Anaheim
  • "20001~20006" means that it was the product from 0001 to 0006 of factory number 2 (this perhaps would imply that 6 units of it were made)
  • X-19D is an Anaheim unification code, in which the final letter is a specifier for the task: A for Attacker (as in the case of Hyaku Shiki and Rick Dias), B for Bomber, C for Cruiser, D for Destroyer.

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