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The MAN-00X Bartizado is a prototype mobile armor that was featured in the Gundam: Generating Futures exhibition.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The MAN-00X is a prototype proposed by the Flanagan Institute and based on the Zakrello to test the combat abilities of Newtypes. Nicknamed the "Bartizado", it is unclear whether this machine was actually constructed. The Bartizado was proposed to be a two-seat MA due to the young age and lack of training of the test subjects, leaving operations to a professional pilot.


  • Wire-guided Bit

Special Equipment & Features

  • I-field Generator


The concept development of the Bartizado is compiled in a report submitted to Kycilia Zabi by a researcher at the Flanagan Institute.


Notes & Trivia

  • Details of the Bartizado were featured in a catalog sold at the Gundam: Generating Futures exhibition venue. The art exhibition also reproduced "experimental facilities of the Flanagan Institute" and invited visitors to participate in the experiments.

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