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The MAM-07 Grublo is a mobile armor from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Grublo is an underwater mobile armor used by the Zeon. It can deploy a pair of arms for combat, and they are retracted for storage when the the machine is in cruise mode. Its armament consisted of a large plasma cannon in its "mouth" section, two arm-mounted plasma cannons, and 24 torpedo launchers on the upper section of the mobile armor.



The Grublo belonging to the Kaufmann team engaged the Atlas Gundam to stop it from chasing the Zeon remnants' submarine. Despite having huge firepower, the Atlas Gundam managed to dodge or block all of its attacks. However, the Grublo's torpedos reduced the Gundam's vision due to bubbles produced during the explosion. This allowed the Grublo to close in and engage the Atlas Gundam in melee combat, dealing heavy damage to it. While its pilot intended to use the Grublo's plasma cannon as a trump card, Io Fleming saw through his tactic and sacrificed the Atlas' Sub-Legs and the Blade Shield, taking the Grublo out by destroynig its cockpit with its Beam Saber. The defeated unit then sinks and is crushed by the water pressure.


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