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The MA-08S Big Zam Zabi Family Custom is a mobile armor featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren's Greed.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Big Zam Zabi Family Custom is an upgraded version of the Big Zam featuring improved mobility, sensors, and fuel consumption. The attack power of its armaments has been increased as well, and a new pair of missile launchers have been added. Unlike the original Big Zam, it cannot fly, but this is compensated for by its improved ability to move on the ground.


  • Large Mega Particle Gun
The primary weapon of the MA-08 Big Zam is a large mega particle gun that sits prominently in the center of the mobile armor's body. This mega particle gun draws a vast amount of energy from the four fusion reactors, allowing it to fire a mega particle beam that can destroy multiple battleships in a single shot. It is the most powerful weapon used by any mobile weapon or battleship, second only to the superweapons employed by both sides.
  • Anti-Aircraft Mega Particle Gun
The main secondary weapons of the MA-08 Big Zam are twenty-eight anti-aircraft mega particle guns that line the middle of the Big Zam's torso, completely encircling it with the exception of a break for the large mega particle gun. The positioning of the anti-aircraft guns, and their higher firing rate, provides the Big Zam with 360-degree defense against smaller, more maneuverable mobile weapons, such as mobile suits, which can avoid the large mega particle gun's beam. However, their positioning is also a weakness because if a mobile suit can get directly above, below, or simply close enough to the armor, it will be out of the anti-aircraft mega particle guns' targeting range.
  • Air-to-Air Missile
To protect the Big Zam's undercarriage, a blind spot not covered by the mega particle guns, the Big Zam is outfitted with 6 large air-to-air missiles disguised as claws on the mobile suit's feet. These massive air-to-air missiles are almost the size of a mobile suit and are not explosive in nature. Instead, the missiles are designed to crush enemy machines with their size and mass.
  • 105mm Vulcan Gun
A tertiary weapon fitted in the main body of the MA-08 Big Zam are a pair of shell-firing 105mm vulcan guns, placed to cover a blind spot not protected by the mega particle guns. Though larger than most vulcan guns, the Big Zam's 105mm vulcan guns, the first to be used in a Zeon mobile weapon, can still only deliver light damage to the armor of a mobile suit and are better suited for shooting down lightly armored targets such as missiles.
  • Missile Launcher
The Big Zam Zabi Family Custom features a new set of missile launchers mounted on the sides of its cockpit.

Special Equipment

  • I-Field Barrier Generator
When Minovsky particles are released into the air or into open space, the positive and negative particles spontaneously align themselves into a three-dimensional cubic lattice. Due to the repulsive and electrostatic forces between the Minovsky particles, this lattice functions as a kind of a force field, which is referred to as an I-field. This field has difficulty permeating conductive materials like metal, water, and plasma, and it exerts a repulsive force against mega particles. An I-field is used to to deflect enemy mega particle beams. Due to its high power requirements, the I-field generator originally could only be installed in large mobile weapons. When the generator is activated, the I-field forms an invisible barrier around the mobile weapon, protecting it from incoming beam attacks. However, this barrier has no effect against solid objects like missiles and projectiles, and beam weapons can still be used at point blank range within the barrier's boundary.