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The M-101A3 Regina is a personal portable infantry anti-MS heavy guided missile launcher used by the Earth Federation Ground Force (E.F.G.F.) during the One Year War. It is featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity Front CGI-animated OVA series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Three months into the One Year War, the Principality of Zeon's Zaku II proved to be vastly superior to the Federation's Type 61 Tank. As losses began to mount, the Federation developed a stop-gap solution - the M-101A3 Regina. Classified as an Anti-Mobile Suit Missile (AMSM), the Regina is essentially an upscaled anti-tank missile. It is wire-guided, allowing it to target weak points, such as camera, cockpit, and joints, even under Minovsky Particle interference.


During the One Year War, the Regina was mostly operated by anti-mobile suit special units known as Anti-MS Squads, which consisted of five members: a commander, a squad support gunner, and three specialists. However, these specialists were mostly transferred anti-tank missile operators who received the bare minimum of anti-mobile suit training, leading to a high casualty rate.[1]

These Anti-MS Squads were organized into platoons consisting of four to five squads.[1] One of the most notable Anti-MS platoon commanders was Lieutenant Ben Barberry, who destroyed a total of 13 mobile suits before he was killed in action on April 27th, U.C. 0079.[2]

The Kojima Batallion, being an experimental battalion dedicated to anti-mobile suit warfare, included an anti-MS infantry company, which consisted of platoons 301 through 304. These platoons were able to coordinate effectively with the battalion's mobile suit teams and achieve great results. The 301st platoon participated in the assault on Ginias Sahalin's secret base in the Tibetan mountains.[1]

A Regina was seen at the Torrington Base during the Zeon Remnants attack in U.C. 0096, manned by Federation defenders. It was destroyed by the Zaku I Sniper Type of Yonem Kirks before it could be fired.[3]



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