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Luna II (ルナツー) is a former mining asteroid located in Lagrange point 3. Originally known as Juno and used for the construction of the space colonies, Luna II became the headquarters of the Earth Federal Space Force in UC 0060. In UC 0070, the base was moved to L3 to help in constructing the new Side 7. Located on the opposite side of Earth from the moon and most of the space colonies, Luna II is rather inconveniently situated for a strategic base. However, after the devastating opening month of the One Year War, it becomes the Federation's last remaining foothold in space. Throughout the war Luna II served as a naval base and staging area for the Federation. Although attacked on occasion, Luna II never saw any large scale battles and remained in federation hands throughout the duration of the war. In U.C. 0096 Luna II serves as the base of the Earth Federation Space Force's special task group ECOAS.


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