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Lukas O'Donnell (ルカス・オドネル) is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Frame Astrays manga.


Lukas is a coordinator working for Fujiyama, a company that assist the Earth Alliance, and is a former ace pilot in the ZAFT. He is not fully trusted by Fujiyama and a bomb is surgically implanted in his face and neck to ensure his loyalty. However, he manages to disable the bomb some time later, but to conceal the fact, he did not remove it.

He originally joined ZAFT because he finds the war interesting, but his interest wanes as he realises that some politicians are using the war for their own gain. As an ace pilot, he faces difficulties leaving the army; he then deliberately loses a battle against an EA force and allows himself to be captured. It is unknown when he joins the Fujiyama company. Later, he is dispatched alongside Xist Elwes to help out Serpent Tail. He is a friend of Xist but has a hidden motive that the former is unaware of. He initially pilots GAT-X105E Strike E and later switches over to GAT-FJ108 Raigo. He is ultimately killed in a confrontation with Gai Murakumo in his Gundam Astray Blue Frame Third.



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