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Lu Anon (ルウ・アノン Rū Anon?), alternatively spelt Lou Anon, is a character that appears in the TV Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Personality & Character

Lu has a very outgoing and curious personality. She's also very friendly and kind and wants to enjoy what little time she has left.

Skills & Abilities

Lu is good at drawing, as seen in her diary sketches.


A young girl living on the Vagan space colony Second Moon. She has an older brother, Deen Anon. She is suffering from the terminal symptoms of Mars Ray, and is unable to go out much. While recuperating at home, she meets Kio Asuno, whom Deen has brought in to treat his wounds. Kio comes to the city at the behest of Fezarl Ezelcant and sees the suffering of the Vagan people. After making a deal with Ezelcant, he obtains a potion that delays Mars Ray's symptoms and slightly softens her illness. When she regained her health, she joined Kio and her brother Deen to taste the outside world, which she had never been satisfied with before, but she died peacefully as the Bisidian's mission to retake Kio got underway. The encounter with the siblings was a catalyst for Kio to change his prejudice against Vegans, and it also made him suspicious of his grandfather Flit's obsession, which he had believed in without question until then. In addition, the death of Lu makes her brother Deen want to build Lu's grave on Earth, which leads him to volunteer for the military.


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