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Lotus (ロータス Rōtasu?) is a GBN Force that appears in Gundam Build Divers.[1] The force is eponymously named after their captain.[2]


Lotus Challenge

A special Diver-hosted mission created by force Lotus and approved by the GBN Administration. A team of up to five machines have to launch from the Earth's surface to the thermosphere and destroy the core unit of force Lotus' Force Nest, the Lotus Fortress (also known as La Vie en Crab), within 15 minutes. The mission has the game's largest reward to date - 30 million Build Coins, and the winner will also be honored with the title of 'sir. GAIA'. Due to the tight time limit, heavy defenses around the fortress, and the capabilities of the fortress itself, there were more than 1000 attempts and no one succeeded until force Build Divers cleared it.[1]



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