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Look for Avenir (アベニールをさがして, Avenir wo Sagasite) is a novel with three volumes written in 1995 by Yoshiyuki Tomino that is set in AD20XX, before the adoption of the Universal Century calendar.


Set in the near future, where outer space is dotted by small space colonies, Japan's political scene is dominated by the military, and has transformed into a military state. A mysterious humanoid machine appears in the skies over Tokyo, and issues a message over the radio, "a message from Avenir".


Book 1

  1. Unknown
  2. Denpa Jack
  3. Tender Gear
  4. Coring
  5. Inspire, Engine?
  6. Alafman, Mushan, Flying
  7. Alafman’s Flute
  8. Acceleration
  9. Chase
  10. Shuttle Carol
  11. Cappin Walk
  12. Star Buster Project And EMO
  13. In Possession Of A Godo
  14. Front 3
  15. Dark Space
  16. Space Suits


  • Lieutenant Daisanka Sajei
  • Sajei Ichigaya
  • Besuton Kuriga




  • ISBN 4-257-76726-X
  • ISBN 4-257-76737-5
  • ISBN 4-257-76767-7

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