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Escaping from Estard as it surreneders, the Freeden starts to make its way north into Asia to try and find the Newtype Labs that Jamil and Tiffa were going to be taken to by General Aimzat. The long hard battles have caused a rift to grow between Garrod and Tiffa, as the young boy starts to concentrate more on his duties as a pilot and less on his feelings for the young girl. As the Freeden makes its way through the forest, it is attacked by a new mobile suit of the New UNE and the Frost brothers, the pilot of the new suit being able to activate the Flash System of the experimental mobile suit and prove himself to be a Newtype. Out numbered by the bit mobile suits of the enemy, the Gundam pilots start to find themselves faltering under the attack. During the heavy fighting, Tiffa runs to the top deck of the ship, to try and help Garrod in the battle and protect him from being killed by the ace New UNE pilot.

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