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A tactic employed by the New Desides in the Mobile Suit Gundam photo-novel Gundam Sentinel. The Logistic Bomb was sabotage program written into the battle data and records that were on Pezun. It was triggered to activate when the Integrated Maneuver Propulsion Controls system of a mobile suit was activated and loaded with the combat data where it was nested. New Desides anticipated the attack on the moon and had it intended to go off at this time. The effects of the program were to alter the units descent timers, making them stop counting down at 666. The monitor of the machines then was filled with a smattering of senseless characters and the words "Shame on you!" flashing repeatedly in the center of the screen. The program then carried the machine down with an uncontrolled descent.

While the system was easily circumvented by switching to manual control and resetting the computer it forced the pilots to not make use of the IMPC system, thus severely limiting the functionality of their incoming tactical data and limiting them to a front only monitor.

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