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The Lodonia lab is a research lab located in Suez, Egypt.


During the course of the war with PLANTs, the Earth Alliance needed to match the same abilities as coordinators. However, this wasn't very likely without any sort of enhancements, so the Blue Cosmos and the Earth Alliance built the Lodonia Lab in the occupied region of Suez. Because of Blue Cosmos's stated hatred of genetic enhancements, they found other means of enhancement to create Extended humans, whom they euphemistically referred to as "Biological CPUs". Test subjects were subjected from an extremely young age to physiological enhancement through drugs and other means, and steps were taken to make them easier to control through brainwashing. Different control mechanisms were also used, such as addiction to the performance-enhancing drug Gamma Glipheptin or pre-programmed behavior-altering "block words". Test subjects were then, from early childhood, taken through intensive combat training intended to turn them into living weapons. However, throughout the course of the plan, there were many failed test subjects, therefore, many of the subjects that didn't keep up with the others were either killed by the researchers or killed during training by other subjects. For reasons unknown (Possibly a riot by experiment subjects), the Earth Alliance abandoned the facility and planted self-detonation bombs to cover their tracks. The bombs failed to detonate and the lab was later found by ZAFT.

Upon ZAFT's visit to the laboratory, Athrun, Shinn, Arthur and Talia were disgusted by the sight of the corpses of children and researchers. It was later found out that the laboratory recorded every Biological CPU from their facility which also recorded their progress. The database computer from where Talia found the information from may have been the same database computer that sent information to Natarle Badgiruel.


  • Lodonia is the only such facility ever mentioned in series canon or supplemental material. However, according to SEED 120%, other similar facilities exist, which provide Biological CPUs for special forces other than Phantom Pain.
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