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Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on Lyle Dylandy, who is the Lockon Stratos of the Second Season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00; if you are looking for the article on the Lockon Stratos from the First Season of Gundam 00 then you should head to Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy).

Lockon Stratos (ロックオン・ストラトス Rokkuon Sutoratosu?), also known by his real name, Lyle Dylandy (ライル・ディランディ Rairu Dirandi?), is a Gundam Meister and one of the main characters in the Second Season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Lyle is the younger identical twin brother of Neil Dylandy, the original Lockon Stratos from Season 1. Appearing briefly in Season 1, Lyle Dylandy is a member of Katharon, and later inherited Neil's position as a Gundam Meister in Season 2. In Celestial Being, Lockon pilots the GN-006 Cherudim Gundam, and later its upgrade, GN-006GNHW/R Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R. Lockon stayed in Celestial Being after the events of Season 2, and pilots the GN-002RE Gundam Dynames Repair and the GN-010 Gundam Zabanya in the events of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer-.

Personality & Character

Like his older brother Neil, Lyle is a flirty and laid-back person. Aside from having the same looks, he’s also care-free and straight forward. When there’s an opportunity, he would take a chance to lighten up the mood of everybody.[1] He also cares deeply for his friends. He’s quick to notice his teammate’s problems and does not hesitate to give advice about them.[2][3] Lyle's also the sort of person who always let his intentions known when he talks. Like his brother, he also has a strong sense of justice, and is strongly motivated to make a difference to the world his own way.[4] However, despite being virtually the same in all aspects, Lyle’s greatest dislike is being compared to Neil.[3][5]

Lyle Dylandy at the Ireland Bombing Memorial

During childhood, Lyle and Neil were always being compared.[3] According to Lyle, Neil was always depicted as the more gifted among the two.[3] This favoritism eventually developed an inferiority complex within Lyle; rather than prove his own worth, he chose to run away.[3] This insecurity led him to avoid those who were dear to him and it stayed with him even after his family’s, and later his brother’s, death.

Due to inferiority complex, Lyle has a tendency to be cautious when approaching people. He can become cold, even harsh, to those around him. If someone mistakes him for his older brother, he’s quick to react and, at times, capable of doing drastic things to differentiate himself. When he became a member of Celestial Being, it took time for him to open up to his fellow crew members as the memory of the late Lockon was still fresh on their minds. He had even hurt Feldt Grace for thinking of him like he was his dead twin brother.[5]

Despite having problems distinguishing himself from Neil, Lyle still respects his older brother. When Neil was still alive and was still sending money to him, Lyle spent his money carefully in respect to his older brother who always looked out for his sake.[4] Lyle also didn’t speak ill of his brother, despite having differing opinions about their family’s death and having different reasons for fighting.[3][6] He once said that he couldn’t find a logic behind Neil’s revenge.[6] However, Lyle eventually learned and understood Neil’s feelings of loss and hatred after losing his beloved Anew Returner and after facing the menace Ali Al-Saachez.[7][8]

Lyle first appeared in Season 1 when the twin brothers were visiting their family’s grave during their death anniversary.[9] Four years later, Lyle joined the anti-government group, the Katharon, to fight and topple the corrupt Earth Sphere Federation government.[10] In the beginning of Season 2, Lyle was approached by Setsuna F. Seiei and was scouted to be a Gundam Meister for Celestial Being.[10][11] He also learned about Neil’s involvement with Celestial Being and the twin brother's demise during United Nation’s Operation Fallen Angels.[11] Lyle only decided to join Celestial Being since he'd be able to spy on the paramilitary organization for Katharon.[6] He would later act as an unofficial liaison between Katharon and Celestial Being, and has proven a crucial benefit in several occasions in both their campaigns.[12][13][14][15]

Over time, he developed a relationship with fellow crew member, Anew Returner.[3] Upon learning her connection with the enemy, he chose to hide it from the Ptolemy Crew.[16] Anew eventually revealed herself as an Innovator and was later killed in combat by his fellow Gundam Meister, Setsuna F. Seiei.[7] Angered about what Setsuna had done, he beat Setsuna senseless for it despite knowing that the killing was forced by the circumstances then. However, he was reminded of Neil’s sorrow for losing their family and ultimately chose to forgive Setsuna.[17]

In the battle against the A-Laws and Innovators in Lagrange 2, Lockon fought against his brother's nemesis, Ali Al-Saachez.[8][15] While facing Al-Saachez, Lockon finally understood Neil’s hatred and was the one who finally put an end to the warmongering mercenary.[8] After the defeat of the Innovators and the reformation of the ESF Government, Lockon decided to stay in Celestial Being and leave Katharon.[18] By his own will, he chose to be a legitimate Gundam Meister.[8][18] Thanks to Anew, he finally resolved his issue of living behind Neil's shadow and has come to value his own worth. He continued to fight and hope for the world where people could understand each other, just like how he and Anew had come to realization.[8][19]

Skills & Abilities

When Lyle first introduced himself in Celestial Being, he said that he didn’t have any experience from piloting a mobile suit outside of operating a Workloader.[12] It was soon proved to be false, as Celestial Being’s assessment of Lyle’s skills actually showed high marks in Mobile Suit piloting and shooting skills from the get go.[12] In the novelization, it was also stated that he actually had previous combat experience in a Mobile Suit while with Katharon and had scored several victories as a pilot.[20]

Lockon and Gundam Zabanya

While he does excel in marksmanship in general, he was only second to the previous Lockon in sniping, scoring lower marks in accuracy than Neil.[5][21] However, Lyle’s style proved to be more well rounded, with more usage of the pistols and shield bits to fight up close, unlike Neil who favors shooting and sniping from far, reflecting his more headstrong and spontaenous personality compared to that of his brother's more deliberate approach to things. The data gathered from this style of combat, was the concept behind the creation of the GN-010 Gundam Zabanya.[22]

Aside from piloting a Mobile Suit, it can be inferred that Lyle has some knowledge in spying and infiltration tactics as well, since he was once an agent secretly working for Katharon.


Early Days

Lyle Dylandy and his older twin brother, Neil, were born on the 3rd of March in 2283 AD. Lyle was raised in Ireland together with his brother, and later younger sister Amy, by their parents, Owen and Lindsay Dylandy.

While growing up, Lyle was frequently compared to Neil, which caused some inferiority complex within him. Due to this, Lyle left home for boarding school during middle school years to avoid being compared to his older brother.[3][23] When he lost his parents and younger sister in the KPSA bombing in Ireland, Lyle only felt emptiness.[24] In contrast to his brother, Lyle decided to move on with his life after the tragedy.

Lyle had been further detached from his brother after their family's death. Neil has never showed himself to Lyle despite sending money to support Lyle's lifestyle and education. Despite this, Lyle gladly used Neil's support to live his life to the fullest, as a sign of respect to Neil. Lyle finished his studies and became an employee of a top trading company.[25]

In A.D. 2307, Lyle didn't know Neil was a member of Celestial Being. He was not even informed about his brother's death during the United Nation's Operation Fallen Angels in A.D. 2308. After death, Neil has left to Lyle his Lancia Rally 037.

Joining Katharon

After the defeat of Celestial Being in A.D. 2308 during Operation Fallen Angels, the world began its path to unity. In A.D. 2311, members of the United Nations decided to form a single government entity, the Earth Sphere Federation (ESF). However, this fast pace revolution also came with a price. The UN, and later the ESF, imposed tyrannical and oppressive policies on non-member countries and government dissidents. Their secret force, known as the Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force (A-Laws), committed many massacres for the sake of further world unification.

Unable to keep a blind eye from these horrible atrocities, Lyle decided to join the anti-government group Katharon.[4][10] Lyle was an important asset to Katharon, being a reliable informant and a skillful pilot of the group. Lyle went by the code name, Jean 1.

Recruited as a Gundam Meister

During the return of Celestia Being in A.D. 2312, Lyle received an e-mail message from an unknown source asking to meet him at the Ireland Bombing Memorial to talk about his older brother.[26] Despite not knowing the credibility of the sender, Lyle went and waited at the meeting place. When the messenger arrived, Lyle was surprised that the stranger knew of his connection to Katharon; he suspected the messenger right away as a member of ESF Security Agency. However, the young man introduced himself as Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei from Celestial Being and had came to recruit Lyle as one of their Gundam Meisters.

Lyle meeting with Gundam Meister Setsuna F. Seiei

Lyle was confused about what he just heard, but Setsuna went on and told him that his brother, Neil Dylandy, was a Gundam Meister, by the codename Lockon Stratos, and had been killed in battle 4 years ago. Lyle asked if Setsuna wanted him to carry on his brother's legacy. Setsuna responded that it was not about that, but rather if Lyle wanted to change the world just like how Neil had wanted to. He then gave Lyle a memory stick containing information about Celestial Being. Lyle jokingly asked what if he turned their information to the authorities, but Setsuna brushed it off and informed him that the Federal Security Agency was focusing on wiping out the Katharon bases in Europe. Later that night, Lyle confirmed that the Security Agency had raided Katharon bases in Europe. He then called and asked to meet with Katharon higher-ups to discuss his recent contact with Celestial Being.

Later, Lyle met up with Setsuna at the orbital elevator, where he accepted his position as Gundam Meister Lockon Stratos of Celestial Being. Former Celestial Being tactical forecaster Sumeragi Lee Noriega was with Setsuna and was surprised of how close the resemblance Lyle had with his older brother. The three continued their way to Celestial Bing ship, CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, where Lyle first saw the GN-0000 00 Gundam in action against the A-Laws. In the Ptolemy II, Lyle met up with the crew, generating the same reaction Sumeragi had back in the orbital elevator.

Return of Lockon Stratos

After being assigned to GN-006 Cherudim Gundam, Lockon was taught how to operate the Gundam by fellow Gundam Meister Tieria Erde. While getting prep for Cherudim, Lockon lied to Tieria it was his first time to operate a mobile suit. He added he would be relying on his adorable instructor, further annoying Tieria.

Lockon sniping down enemy GN-XIII's in his first mission.

Celestial Being was later informed about the whereabouts of their imprisoned comrade, Allelujah Haptism, and has decided to launch an operation to bust him out of the Federation detention facility. Lockon was assigned for support. He was also given his brother's orange Haro. During the mission, a squad of A-Laws' GNX units began to surround Tieria's GN-008 Seravee Gundam. The Ptolemaios Crew signaled Lockon to provide cover fire. Lockon asked Haro about what his brother said before commencing a mission, and after getting the answer, Lockon proclaimed, "Lockon Stratos, targeted and firing!". Lockon shot down a few of the enemy A-Laws mobile suits, which shocked the crew.

Katharon also joined in during the operation and busted out their comrades from the facility. Before the mission, Lockon informed Katharon about Celestial Being's plan. Before retreating, Lockon checked on Katharon's fleeing ships to confirm their safety.

Later, Lockon met with the rescued comrade Allelujah. Allelujah was surprised that Lockon (referring to Neil Dylandy) was still alive, which prompted Lockon to say he's getting tired of the "usual" reaction.

Anti A-Laws Campaign

After gathering all of their comrades, Celestial Being started their campaign against the A-Laws. Lyle, on board the Ptolemy II, was acting as a spy for Katharon, providing the group with intel about Celestial Being's actions.

Underwater A-Laws Assault

Underwater, Celestial Being decided to head towards the Middle East to drop off the Azadistan Princess Marina Ismail, who was also rescued from the Federation detention facility. Lockon informed Katharon about the Ptolemy II's destination.

Lyle puts a move on Feldt

While on the way, Lockon decided to run a stimulation test aboard the Cherudim. He only achieved a 78% accuracy rating, a score below that of his brother. After the training, he noticed that Feldt Grace was watching nearby. As Lockon approached her, Feldt started to act weirdly. Lockon couldn't help but notice that she seemed to be interested in him. Haro blabbed out that Feldt liked the previous Lockon, causing embarrassment to Feldt. Lockon reminded her that he's not his brother, but Feldt seemed to be unsure what to feel. With that, Lockon closed in and kissed Feldt, suggesting that they could spend time together and, if she's up for it, stop by his room. Feldt was offended by Lockon's remarks and slapped him. As she tearfully ran away, Haro remarked that Lockon was rejected. Lockon commented he did it to open her eyes and added that he couldn't stand being compared to Neil.

Later, the A-Laws launched an attack, bringing one of their underwater mobile armor, the GNMA-04B11 Trilobite. The Gundams Meisters were ordered to standby in their Gundams while the Ptolemy II was being attacked from above and below. The attacks of the Trilobite flooded the mobile suit hanger, and with that, the Gundams immediately launched after the ship has reached a safe depth. Lockon in Cherudim provided close range firing against the Trilobite to lure it away from the Ptolemy II. After destroying the Trilobite, the 00, with the GN-007 Arios Gundam, headed out to eliminate the A-Laws ship from above, but the two Gundam were intercepted by A-Laws' custom Aheads. The battle was immediately stopped with the interference of the Katharon forces, forcing the A-Laws to make a tactical retreat.

Katharon Incident

Lockon talking to the Ptolemy Crew about the Katharon hideout

After their recent encounter, Celestial Being agreed to Katharon's invitation for a meeting. Lockon and Allelujah in their Gundams escorted Celestial Being's VTOL Craft, containing Setsuna, Tieria, Sumeragi, Marina, and Saji, as they head towards the Katharon base within the Rub' al Khali desert. While heading there, Lockon noted how Katharon used the ESF's GN Particle emitters, which was built to choke the economy of the Middle East, to hide their presence in the area. Tieria was amazed about how much Lockon knew, which Lockon responded that it's only common sense. As they entered the Katharon hanger, many Katharon members gathered to greet Celestial Being, and were excited to see the Gundams and the faces of the Meisters. Tieria was against showing their faces to others, but Lockon assured him it was alright. Lockon didn't attend the meeting, but later met up with Katharon leader Klaus Grad and Shirin Bakhtiar. The meeting with Celestial Being didn't produce any solid alliance between the two groups, but Klaus expressed optimism that they would need each other's help someday.

The Celestial Being team shortly went back to the Ptolemy II, except for Saji, who was entrusted to the Katharon, and Marina and Setsuna, who both went to Azadistan. However, just after they reached their ship, Celestial Being agent Wang Liu Mei informed the crew about an A-Laws' attack on the Katharon base. The Ptolemy Crew immediately launched to Katharon's rescue. Lockon impatiently waited in his Cherudim Gundam. At the sight of Katharon base, the Meisters saw that the A-Laws already tore up the base and launched their automatons to kill every person inside. Lockon left the rest of the Meisters to face the A-Laws forces as he eliminated all of the active automatons. A-Laws Lieutenant Soma Peries in GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron tried to stop him, but Lockon kept Soma at bay. As he saw the people being killed by the automatons,

The destruction on the Katharon Base before Cherudim Gundam

he angrily questioned, "This... Is this something that human beings would do?!" After finishing up destroying all of the automatons, Lockon then turned to shoot down the retreating A-Laws forces. Lockon wasn't able to shoot down anything, but continued to fire Cherudim's GN Pistol in rage, telling the enemy not to run away.

The A-Laws' attack on the Katharon base left much destruction in its wake. While the Gundam Meisters checked on some of the survivors, one of the Katharon rebels began accusing Celestial Being of leaking the location of the Katharon base and aimed his gun at the Meisters. Lockon immediately grabbed the guy's wrist and told him they weren't responsible. As the rebel broke down to tears, Lockon promised to avenge their fallen comrades. Lockon later informed Klaus that Celestial Being had decided to helped out Katharon until the latter managed to relocate on another base. Klaus began to wonder who leaked the info about their base, which led Lockon to express irony as he himself is also a spy.

After providing relief supplies to the Katharon survivors, Lockon and the rest of the Ptolemy Crew headed out towards the coastline to lure the returning A-Laws forces. Lockon launched with Cherudim, telling Haro that he would be in "serious mode". At the start of the fight, he immediately shot down one of the enemy GNX-609T GN-XIII. Lockon continued to engage against the A-Laws mobile suits until the 00 overloaded its Twin Drives by using the Trans-Am System. Cherudim and Seravee were forced to provide cover fire for the stranded 00. The A-Laws later retreated after Ptolemy Crew, under Sumeragi's instructions, provided smoke bombardment on the battlefield. The Ptolemy II retrieved the Gundams, except the Arios, which went missing after the fight.

Search for Allelujah

Lockon smiling to himself after finding Allelujah with Marie Parfacy

Sumeragi ordered Lockon and Tieria to re-launch and search for Allelujah and Arios around the area of Arios' last known position during the previous battle. Cherudim and Seravee sortied under heavy rain and low visibility as the Meisters began their search through the evening. As the night went by without progress, Lockon began to worry as there was no way they'd find Allelujah if Arios had crashed into the ocean. Just then, a non-hostile Federation Forces GN-X III appeared before Cherudim and gave a data about Allelujah's whereabouts. Lockon immediately proceeded to the provided coordinates. Upon arriving at the site, Haro alerted Lockon that they have found Allelujah. Through the monitor, Allelujah was shown kissing a young woman in an A-Laws pilot suit on the ground below. Lockon couldn't help but laugh to himself seeing the couple and reported the good news, through live feed of the scene, to the Ptolemaios Crew, both relieving and shocking them at the same time.

Neil's Nemesis

Lockon later learned from Klaus that Katharon had managed to safely relocate to a new base. However, despite the good news, the Federation finally made its move to reform the Middle East.

Lockon and the Ptolemy Crew have a meeting about the Federation's actions in the Middle East

In addition to securing the national borders in the Middle East, the Federation also announced its plan of sending hostile groups into space. Lockon was surprised about how ridiculous the announcement was, which Sumeragi commented that even then, the citizens wouldn't be minding it much since it was the least of their concern. The citizen's standard of living had risen through the years, and with the A-Laws and Security Agency suppressing all the dissident activities, no one would even suspect anything. Setsuna commented that despite all these, there were still people dying senselessly, and that's not what the world was meant to be. Lockon added to that that it was the ones who founded the A-Laws who were to blame.

Upon the news of Federation Banquet, Tieria and Setsuna were sent on a reconnaissance mission to find out the identity of the A-Laws top leaders. Their mission was later compromised, however, and the two were forced to retreat with their Gundams. When the Ptolemy Crew learned that an enemy mobile suit has intercepted the two, Lockon and Allelujah were dispatched to provide back up. At the arrival of Cherudim and Arios, the enemy Gundam retreated immediately. Despite this, Tieria continued to pursue the red Gundam. Allelujah stopped him, but Tieria insisted as the enemy was the one who had killed the previous Lockon. To Lockon's surprise, Neil had an nemesis. The Gundam got away and the Gundam Meisters eventually returned to Ptolemy II under Sumeragi's orders.

After getting out of their Gundams, Lockon followed and questioned Tieria about the recent enemy. Tieria repeated that the pilot of the Gundam, Ali Al-Saachez, was the one who had killed Neil in combat during Operation Fallen Angels. Lockon demanded more details and Tieria obliged to tell him. After hearing that Neil went up against al-Saachez to avenge their family's death, Lockon couldn't help but chuckle to know his brother put a past grudge above reforming the world. Tieria questioned Lockon if he had a problem with that, which Lockon responded that, on the contrary, he gained respect for his brother because of it.

Lockon shocked about Setsuna's revelation

However, he also noted that he himself couldn't see the point of brooding over their family's death, which had happened more than 10 years ago. Setsuna, who was listening from the side, then asked if Lockon would change his mind if he could avenge them at that moment. Setsuna revealed he once had been a part of KPSA, which was responsible for the Dylandy's tragedy. He felt if he had stopped his comrade from doing the suicide mission, Neil Dylandy wouldn't have become a Gundam Meister and died in battle. Lockon replied,

Even if you had stopped them at that time, the terrorism would still have continued. It's a stream of events that was inevitable... It's all in the past now. No point in dwelling on what happened. That's right. We're fighting for the future, not the past.

Return to Lagrange 3

Predicting that the A-Laws would try to trap them on their current position, Sumeragi called the crew to prepare for their atmospheric exit for Lagrange 3. Lockon, Tieria and Allelujah were assigned to provide the particles for the Ptolemy II through the Gundams as the ship accelerated its way to space.

Cherudim in Trans-Am

The launch started as soon as the enemy Trilobites bombarded the Ptolemaios. The Gundams' Trans-Am gave the ship propulsion and GN Field to escape the enemies on the air. In space, Setsuna and the 00 took care of additional enemy forces. With the Gundams' help, the Ptolemy II eventually succeeded in escaping the A-Laws' net on Earth.

On the way to Lagrange 3, a sudden tactical alert informed the crew about a fast approaching enemy mobile suit. Lockon immediately went on standby in Cherudim. Setsuna in 00 first engaged the enemy suit, but he was outmaneuvered and had to be covered by Cherudim and Ptolemy II. The enemy shortly retreated, but the crew was made aware of the A-Laws' capabilities in the area. The Ptolemy II headed to Lagrange 3 Resource Satellites in top speed. After safely reaching Celestial Being's hidden base in Lagrange 3, Ptolemy Crew immediately proceeded with the resupplies and the testing of the new equipments due to the A-Laws presence in the space sector.

While there, Lockon and the rest of the crew were alerted about an abnormal heat activity on the Earth sphere. They learned that the heat source came from a satellite weapon utilizing the solar energy system. The target of the attack was the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Suille. With the threat of the satellite weapon, the Ptolemy Crew decided to launch an attack after they finished their resupplies. Before the meeting came to an end, Tieria revealed the existence of the Innovators. They were the ones who had intervened with Aeolia Schenberg's Plan 4 years ago, and was manipulating the Federation and the A-Laws from the shadows. Lockon asked why Tieria didn't tell them sooner. Tieria admitted being conflicted, as the Innovators claimed to be following Aeolia's Plan. The crew expressed their disagreement with the Innovator's methods, as it would never lead to true peace. Setsuna claimed with confidence that he would destroy the A-Laws and Innovators by his own will, and the crew concurred.

A-Laws' Attack in Lagrange 3

Lockon having a conversation with Celestial Being recruit, Anew Returner

During the resupply, Lockon met with Celestial Being recruit, Anew Returner. While the support units were being loaded into the Ptolemy II, Lockon and Anew talked about the new systems of Cherudim and Seravee, and the condition of the GNR-010 0 Raiser. Lockon expressed disappointment that the two of them wouldn't be able to spend more time anymore after the Ptolemy II leaves, but Anew told him she'd be boarding the Ptolemy II based on Chief Mechanic Ian Vashti's recommendation. Lockon was relieved to hear the news. Before leaving Anew, Lockon suggested that she should head to the bridge. However, he noticed that she seemed to be spacing out a bit. He asked her if there's a problem, but Anew brushed it off as nothing. Lockon commented she might be nervous, and the two headed out of the observation deck together.

As the two were heading to the bridge, the A-Laws began attacking the Celestial Being base. Lockon split up from Anew to head over the hanger 2 for Cherudim. The Gundams were launched to defend the escape pods and Ptolemy II, which were heading out of the Lagrange 3 base. After the Ptolemy II had launched, Lockon and Tieria were assigned to defend the ship from the incoming enemy mobile suits. They later provided fire for 0 Raiser, which was being piloted by Saji Crossroad, as it approached towards the 00. The A-Laws were attacking in waves; coming from different directions and slowly overwhelming Celestial Being.

Lockon's Cherudim vs. Patrick's GN-XIII

The situation quickly changed, however, after the 00 docked with 0 Raiser. During the battle, Lockon was caught in A-Laws Lieutenant Patrick Colasour's trap, but was promptly saved by the GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser. After losing their new models to 00 Raiser, the A-Laws quickly withdrew from the battle.

After the battle, Lockon, while walking past the hangar observation room, heard an argument between Setsuna and Saji. Saji had heard his girlfriend Louise Halevy during the previous battle and was devastated to learn she had joined the A-Laws. Setsuna told Saji to fight to bring her back, but Saji, who couldn't stand violence and who saw the Gundams as the reason for Louise's decision to fight, was offended by Setsuna's suggestion and punched Setsuna to the ground. After Saji had left the room, Setsuna noticed Lockon outside and told him that eavesdropping was a bad habit. Lockon excused himself in that he had simply overheard the conversation. He continued that Setsuna should have made his point more clearly to Saji and told him instead that he, Setsuna, would concentrate on fighting for Saji's sake, while Saji could concentrate on convincing Louise to give up fighting. Setsuna argued he couldn't make promises that might not work. Lockon commented that Setsuna was pretty eager to help Saji and wondered if he was making up for past mistakes. Setsuna responded that he's doing it for the future.

Battle of Memento Mori

Katharon 2nd Fleet about to be annihilated by Memento Mori's laser attack

After learning of the satellite weapon's second attack on Earth, the Ptolemy Crew decided to head to Memento Mori using the Gundams' Trans-Am. When they got there, they noticed that the satellite weapon could also fire into space as well. The crew wondered what was the target of the laser attack on space, which Lockon announced that it was the Katharon Space Fleet, who were also planning to destroy the Memento Mori.

The crew sent out the 00 Raiser to help Katharon and gather data about the satellite weapon. The data that had came from Katharon has told them about the Memento Mori's limited firing angle. After a suspicious delay, the crew received a full schematic data from "Wang Liu Mei" that points to the existence of Memento Mori's weak point, the Electromagnetic Optical Resonator. With that, Sumeragi decided to plan on attacking the Memento Mori using the combined efforts of Lockon and Tieria. Lockon asked about the enemy defensive force, which Sumeragi replied that they'll charge straight pass them. The plan called for Celestial Being's precision and brute force.

After surviving the Memento Mori's laser attack thanks to Arios' Trans-Am, the Ptolemy Crew then opened up the ship's 3rd hanger containing Cherudim and Seravee. Since all of Ptolemy II and Arios' particles were directed to the propulsion, Cherudim was assigned to defend the ship using its GN Shield Bits. Lockon launched the Shield Bits while in Cherudim's Trans-Am and let them take the attacks from the A-Laws intercepting forces. He also shot down enemy mobile suits chasing Ptolemy II using Cherudim's Shield Bits and GN Sniper Rifle II.

Lockon sniping Memento Mori's Electromagnetic Optical Resonator

After reaching a suitable firing range, both Seravee and the Ptolemy II then bombarded the Memento Mori to open up a hole and reveal Memento Mori's Electromagnetic Optical Resonator. Lockon prepared the Cherudim into sniping stance and used its remaining particles to shoot down the resonator, finally destroying the A-Laws satellite weapon.

Just as the Ptolemy Crew was celebrating the destruction of Memento Mori, the Innovators came to attack the Ptolemy II. Celestial Being was in its weakest moments as their ship and the Gundams had just depleted their remaining particles after the last operation. The 00 Raiser had yet to return from the battle. With no way to retaliate, the Ptolemy Crew had no choice but use the impact of the enemy assault to propel the ship on an emergency descent for Earth. They used their smokescreen to exaggerate the damages they had sustained and to keep the Innovators away from chasing after the descending Ptolemy II.

Crashed & Hunted on Earth

The Ptolemy Crew survived their crash landing on Earth and has landed on a remote area somewhere in a European highland. However, the Ptolemy II had got its weapons, navigation, communications and sensors badly damaged from the recent enemy attack.. They could only use the optical camouflage to hide themselves from being detected from above. As the crew performed immediate repairs for the ship, Lockon contacted Katharon's European division for any assistance.

Anew talking to Lockon on her concern about the enemy detecting Ptolemaios' position

Just as he was about to finish his call, Lockon noticed something and found out that Anew was approaching his position. Anew wondered who Lockon had been talking to, and Lockon brushed it off as some minor business. She began to tell him about her growing concern on how the A-Laws had been able to pinpoint their exact location. Lockon asked her if she's suspicious of him, but Anew denied on ever thinking like that. Setting the topic aside, Anew told Lockon that he could call her by her first name as oppose to "Ms. Returner." With that, Lockon then told her that she could call him by his real name, Lyle.

Lockon later received reports about an incoming mobile suits heading towards Ptolemy II. Arios and Seravee were launched to intercept the enemies. With the Innovators knowing their every possible locations, Celestial Being later decided to meet with Katharon for resupplies to immediately fix the Ptolemy II. Lockon did the arrangements himself. As the ship headed to the designated rendezvous point with Katharon, Anew and the crew expressed their gratitude for Lockon's help.

Coup d'état Save

After Katharon had resupplied the Ptolemy II, Celestial Being decided to head to the nearest coastline to escape from the Federation's territory. The repairs were almost complete, as what was left to fix were the weapons system and the submersible mode. Just then, the sensors detected a large A-Laws force of 36 mobile units approaching the Ptolemy II's way. As Lockon prepared to sortie, he couldn't help but remember what Anew had told him about the enemy suddenly detecting their location.

The Gundams were launched to intercept the A-Laws while the Ptolemy retreated back to the mountain terrain.

Trans-AM Cherudim performing preemptive attack on the approaching A-Laws squad

Lockon started off with a preemptive attack using Cherudim's Trans-Am to shave off the enemy numbers. Just after Cherudim had finished its Trans-Am, Tieria and Allelujah went in with their Gundams for close combat against the enemy mobile units. The Arios and Seravee managed to take out few of the enemies, but were both eventually subdued by the enemy GNMA-Y0001 Empruss of the Innovators. On the ground, Lockon noticed that the enemy began approaching the Ptolemy II's direction, but couldn't do a thing as the Cherudim was still recharging.

Just as the situation was looking bleak, the A-Laws suddenly retreated from the battle and spared Celestial Being. Lockon and the rest of Ptolemy Crew were surprised about the turn of events, but they eventually learned from Katharon about the ongoing coup d'état at the Africa Tower. Lockon wondered if Celestial Being would go and help the ESF Coup d'état Faction. Since the A-Laws would be at the Africa Tower and because the Innovators likely let the coup d'état happen, the Ptolelmy Crew decided to go to the site and observe the situation. They also bet on chancing upon Setsuna, who had disappeared since the Memento Mori Operation.

Near the site of Africa Tower, the Ptolemy Crew spotted the 00 Raiser fighting against a black enemy mobile suit. The Gundams launched in Trans-Am to provide cover for Setsuna. After the enemy had retreated, Lockon expressed relief to see Setsuna alive. They later learned that Setsuna had been injured, and rushed him back to the Ptolemy II for examination and treatment.

Battle at Africa Elevator

After retrieving Setsuna, the Ptolemy Crew learned about the existence of a second Memento Mori at the orbital ring. With the possibility of firing it at the Low Orbital Station, Lockon commented that the A-Laws had finally shown its true nature. The Gundams had been dropped off at the foot of the Africa Tower to observe the situation while the Ptolemy II focused on destroying the satellite weapon. There,

Lockon fighting at the foot of the Africa Tower while the tower's walls auto-purge

the Meisters witnessed the Federation shooting down the fleeing Katharon mobile suits from the tower. Lockon couldn't contain his rage and rushed in using Cherudim to save his Katharon brethren. The other Gundams followed suit to assist Lockon.

During the fighting, Lockon and the rest noticed that large debris were suddenly falling down from the sky. Memento Mori had survived the attack from 00 Raiser, and had shot the pillar of the Africa Tower. The attack not only damaged the tower, but also caused the tower's exterior walls to auto-purge. The fragments above the stratosphere that failed to burn and those below were dropping for the ground, threatening the lives of people living near the foot of the tower. The Ptolemy Crew immediately sent an announcement about the situation to every mobile suit forces at the vicinity.

After hearing the plea of Sumeragi Lee Noriega on the communications, Lockon and the rest of the Meisters left the battle to destroy the debris heading for the populated areas below. Lockon launched Cherudim's Shield Bits and GN Missiles to cover large numbers of the falling fragments. Later, the Katharon decided to help out. The coup d'état faction, the ESF forces, and even A-Laws also followed suit. In an unusual situation, all opposing forces temporarily united in saving the civilians from the falling pillar fragments. The Meisters later activated the Gundams' Trans-Am to handle the increasing number of falling debris. Celestial Being continued in helping out in the area until the last piece of fragments was taken out.

Post Break Pillar Seclusion

After the Break Pillar Incident, Celestial Being went under the radar to completely recuperate their battle strength. They returned 4 months later, and started off by destroying the Second Station of Memento Mori at the orbital ring. Lockon in Cherudim provided path for 00 Raiser to destroy the satellite weapon.

Lockon giving an advice to Allelujah

After the operation, Lockon noticed at the mobile suit hanger the continuing tension between Allelujah Haptism and Soma Peries. Lockon confronted Allelujah at the observation room. Allelujah expressed his anxiety about Soma and felt he was breaking his promise to Sergei by letting her fight. Soma' adoptive father, Sergei Smirnov, was killed during Break Pillar by his own son, A-Laws Lieutenant Andrei Smirnov. She was seeking revenge by fighting against the A-Laws. Lockon advised Allelujah to let Soma sort her feelings by her own, but Allelujah retorts that she's risking her life in the battlefield. Lockon then told him that he had to stop trying to control her and try to understand that she was currently driven to fight.

Taking Back Veda

Four months after the Break Pillar Incident, the Federation gave the A-Laws full control over the entire ESF Forces. A-Laws' hunts for the anti-government dissidents became fiercer as they also got the full support of the citizens under the information control of the Federation. With A-Laws becoming a bigger threat than ever, Celestial Being decided to retake Veda from the Innovators, who were controlling the Federation and the A-Laws from the shadows. Their plan started with capturing an Innovator and getting from them the whereabouts of Veda.

Affair with Anew Returner

Lyle and Anew lying on the bed

During their break, Lyle spent his time in his room together with Anew Returner. Lyle and Anew had developed a romantic relationship in the past 4 months. As they lay on his bed, Anew asked Lyle about his older brother, Neil. Lyle admitted that he didn't have any fond memories of him. He recalled moving to the dormitories during their middle school years because he hated being compared to Neil. He chose to run away to avoid competition. Anew noted that both of them became Gundam Meisters, but Lyle reasoned that they did it for different reasons. With Anew talking about his family, Lyle wondered about Anew's. Anew couldn't recall much about them, as she was struggling to remember. Lyle told her it was alright, as what counts was the fact that she was there with him. The two then shared a kiss.

Just then, Anew phased out with her eyes starting to glow. Lyle tried to bring her back to her senses, and fortunately, she eventually came about. Lyle told her not to scare him while they're kissing and then they embraced. Lyle already knew about Anew's connection to the enemy attacks. Every time, she phased out before the enemy attacked the Ptolemy II. During the past 4 months, they were attacked more that 20 times by the A-Laws. However, Lyle chose not to tell the Ptolemy Crew about this as he wanted to protect the woman he loved.[16]

Innovator Capture Operation

The A-Laws decided to attack the Ptolemy II not long after their operation in Memento Mori Station 2. With the enemy approaching, the Ptolemy Crew scrambled to their positions. As the two went separate ways, Lyle called out to Anew. Anew asked what's up, but Lyle changed his mind and brushed it off as nothing important. Just before launching in Cherudim, Lyle called Anew again, but this time, he professed his love for her in front of everyone. The crew in the bridge was surprised about the announcement and congratulated Anew. Anew couldn't find a word to explain to everyone and out of embarrassment, told Lyle to launch already.

Cherudim's Shield Bits in Assault Mode

As he head out, Lyle's thoughts were on Anew.

The Gundams intercepted an enemy forces consisting 12 mobile suits, including the Innovators'. More enemy reinforcements came during the battle from different directions, and Allelujah and Lockon were ordered to engage against them. As he shot down the enemies, Lockon told himself he'll shoot down A-Laws completely so that it wouldn't matter who Anew really was.

After the Innovators were defeated, the A-Laws immediately retreated from the battle. The Innovator pilot of GNZ-003 Gadessa was also captured by Gundam Meister Tieria Erde. Soma Peries tried to pursue the GNX-704T Ahead of Lieutenant Andrei Smirnov for revenge, but Saji Crossroad, who was in the 0 Raiser, told everyone to stop fighting and reminded them that revenge would neither bring anyone back nor do anything good. The Gundams retreated back to the Ptolemy and the Gundam Meisters joined Sumeragi to interrogate the captured Innovator.

Innovator Deception

In a briefing room, the Innovator was interrogated by Sumeragi Lee Noriega and the Gundam Meisters. He took off his helmet, in accordance to Sumeragi's request, and introduced himself as Innovator Revive Revival. Lockon was surprised to see the Innovator's eyes glow just like Anew's; not to disregard the fact that the captive also had a close resemblance to her. Lockon couldn't help but worry.

Revive Revival being interrogated by Sumeragi and the Gundam Meisters

The team immediately questioned Revive about Veda's whereabouts, but he claimed to know nothing about it - to their dismay. Revive wondered why they were interested, which Tieria responded that they plan to take Veda back. Revive argued that Veda is only meant for them, the Innovators, to use. This led Sumeragi to ask about the Innovator's purpose for Veda and Aeolia's real goal in formulating his Grand Plan. Revive replied that they're all for the "dialogues that are to come." As the crew was bewildered by his statement, he added that it was normal for humans to not comprehend the concept. Lockon retorted that Revive didn't have the right to act superior since he was their prisoner. In response, Revive revealed that he had let himself be captured on purpose.

As if on cue, Feldt suddenly reported over the comm that Anew had shot Lasse Aeon and had taken Mileina Vashti hostage. Lockon and everyone were surprised to know that Anew was one of the Innovators. Revive used this opportunity to leave but Setsuna tried to stop him. Revive threatened he couldn't guarantee the hostage's safety if he got hurt, reminding them that he and Anew were connected by Quantum Brainwaves. Lockon reached for his sidearm, but Sumeragi stopped him. After Revive had left the room, the Ptolemy II's power system went down, trapping Sumeragi and the Gundam Meisters inside.

After the group had finally got out of the briefing room, the Gundam Meisters decided to split into groups to search for Mileina. As Lockon thought about Anew, Setsuna caught his attention and led him to her location. There, they saw Anew confronting Soma with a gun in her right hand while clutching Mileina on the left.

Lockon negotiating with Anew

Lockon immediately went in between them and begged Anew to stop. Looking at Lockon, Anew pointed her gun at Mileina to prevent him from getting closer. Lockon asked if she was planning on leaving without him. Anew was surprised about Lockon's inquiry, but went to assure him that he would see the world reform if he came along with her. Surprisingly, Lockon casually accepted her word for it, adding that he would also bring Cherudim with him. He then turned to Setsuna and expressed his gratitude for taking him thus far. Noticing Lockon's true intention, Setsuna immediately snatched Soma's gun and shot him in the shoulder. Anew couldn't help but show concern for Lockon, which then gave Lockon the opportunity to snatch Mileina away from her. With the hostage taken, Anew fled. Setsuna asked if Lockon was fine, which made Lockon retort that there was no need to actually hit him. Lockon only got a bruise on his left shoulder.

Revive escaped with 0 Raiser while Anew took one of the shuttles. She originally had planned on taking the 00 Gundam, but with the Gundam Meisters' intervention, she was left with no other option. Lockon and Setsuna were ordered by Sumeragi to sortie with their Gundams. Before launching, Setsuna reminded Lockon that their top priority was to get the 0 Raiser back. The two caught up with Revive using Cherudim's Trans-Am, and they had him surrounded. With the Innovator showing no intentions of surrendering, Setsuna ordered the Haro in 0 Raiser for docking sequence with 00 Gundam to form the 00 Raiser. Revive couldn't control 0 Raiser anymore, which made his theft operation a failure. However, as a last ditch resort, he destroyed the 0 Raiser's cockpit, disabling the 00 Raiser's system as a result.

Anew in Lockon's vision as he targeted Anew and Revive's escape shuttle

Just then, Anew's shuttle showed up to pick up Revive. Lockon aimed at the shuttle but hesitated as he felt Anew, who was inside. He called out to her to come back and aimed again at the back of the escaping shuttle. At that moment, he began to wonder why he was there; he tried to remind himself why he was in Katharon and why he was in Celestial Being. Suddenly, memories of him with Anew flashed on his mind. At the end, Lockon did not shoot. With the enemy shuttle already far away, he hit the Cherudim's sub monitor, and blamed himself for his weak resolve.

Anew Returns

Back in Ptolemaios, Lyle was sulking over Anew's betrayal. Setsuna approached him and reminded that Anew would come back as the Innovators would definitely take advantage of their precarious situation. Celestial Being was terribly weakened by the shut down of Ptolemy II's systems and the inability to use the 00 Raiser because of the damages. Lyle assured that he understood and vowed to fight her, but Setsuna told him not to act tough. Setsuna added that he would pull the trigger in Lyle's place when the time called for it; even if he hates him afterwards. Lyle began to retort that Setsuna should stop trying to act cool. Setsuna responded that Lyle had no reason to fight Anew. Lyle denied such claim, but Setsuna further explained that Lyle had more of a reason not to fight her.

As expected, the Innovators later returned to attack the Ptolemy II. Lyle, Tieria, Allelujah and Soma sortied to face the enemy forces. The enemy started off with their new mobile armor, GNMA-0001V Regnant firing volleys of beam attack, which to the Gundam Meisters' surprise, could bend and catch the Gundams unexpectedly. During the fight, Lyle was searching for Anew. Not long, an enemy mobile suit, the GNZ-007 Gaddess approached Cheurdim. Anew, who was inside the Gaddess, challenged Lyle to a close combat fight.

Anew's Gaddess Vs Lyle's Cherudim

She used the Gaddess's GN Heat Blade and GN Vulcans, while Lyle defended using the GN Beam Pistols II.

While the other Gundams faced the Regnant and the rest of the Innovators, Lyle let himself get occupied with Anew. She eventually used her mobile suit's GN Fangs, which he then responded with GN Shield Bits in Assault Mode. As the two clashed, he began to ask her why they had to fight each other. Anew answered that it was because he's a human and she's an Innovator. Lyle shouted that he thought they had understood each other. She retorted that all of it was just false reality. He was surprised to hear what she had said, as it disregards his affection for her, and her own feelings. With that, he activated Cherudim's Trans-Am.

Lyle fired multiple beams at Gaddess using the remaining GN Shield Bits. In close combat, he attempted to destroy Gaddess's sensors while dodging its Heat Blade. Lyle's waves of attacks eventually damaged the Gaddess and pushed Anew to the corner. However, instead of finishing her off, Lyle threw away the GN Beam Pistols II and ripped open Gaddess's cockpit. He told Anew that he’s making her his woman again, even if she’s an Innovator, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. Anew was moved to tears by Lyle's declaration and has finally decided to return to him. However, just as she was about to leave the cockpit, Gaddess suddenly went back into combat and destroyed Cherudim's Shield Bits. Anew went on a rampage and attacked the Gundam with the remaining GN Fangs. Controlling Anew from far away, Innovator Ribbons Almark remarked that he wouldn't let the Innovators get treated as lowly as humans. As the Cherudim got damaged, Lyle pled Anew to stop. Ribbons continued with his attacks and rushed toward Cherudim to finish it using the GN Heat Blade. At the last moment, Setsuna came in with 00 Raiser and shot the Gaddess to save Lyle. 00 Raiser's particles scattered into space, releasing Anew from Ribbons' control.

Lyle and Anew in Quantum Ethereal Plane

In the quantum ethereal plane, Lyle and Anew were floating into space. In each other’s arms, Anew noted that she was glad she was an Innovator because otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to meet Lyle. Lyle assessed that it would have been better since she could go on living. However, Anew told him that her life had no worth if he wasn't there with her. She then asked him if they had understood each other. Lyle confirmed it for her, and with that, she happily succumbed to her death. Back in the real world, Gaddess exploded, killing Anew in the process. Lyle desperately reached out his hand as he saw her disintegrate before his eyes.

The rest of the Innovators had been defeated by the 00 Raiser and retreated immediately with the Regnant. Back on board Ptolemy II, Lyle confronted Setsuna and repeatedly punched him in the face for killing Anew. Tieria tried to stop him, but Lyle distraughtly responded that Anew was going to come back; not as an Innovator, but as a human being. Lyle continued on hitting Setsuna until he eventually broke down in tears on Setsuna's chest.

Rendezvous at Lagrange 5

After Anew's death, Lockon locked himself in his room.[27] The Ptolemy II later decided to drop off Setsuna and Saji in 00 Raiser to meet an unknown messenger in the abandoned colony. "Eclipse," at Lagrange 5. The Ptolemy II would also head to the space sector, though in a different route, to get new equipments from the Celestial Being technical team in the area. As Setsuna prepared to leave, Lockon stopped Setsuna at the corridor.

Lockon apologized for what he did earlier. He admitted that his feelings had gotten the best of him and he didn't deserve to be a Gundam Meister because of it.

Lockon attempting to shoot Setsuna at the back

Setsuna tried to say something but Lockon assured him that he would still continue to fight. Setsuna respected Lockon's decision and continued his way to 00. In his mind, Lockon reflected that he would fight the Innovators with his own will. However, before any of that, there was something he had to do. He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Setsuna. He couldn't pull the trigger though, and ended up putting the gun aside. As he looked up at the ceiling, Lockon couldn't help but think of his late brother.

Setsuna and Saji returned several days later, holding the information they had received from the messenger in Eclipse. The messenger, Wang Liu Mei, handed to Setsuna the info which contained the exact location of Veda. As the crew looked at the data, it pertained to a hidden object in Lagrange 2, which had a diameter of 15 km. The crew couldn't believe a huge object was hidden at the dark side of the moon all this time. As resupplies from Linda Vashti's team were being transferred to Ptolemaios, the sensors revealed an A-Laws fleet amassing upon the location that Liu Mei had indicated. This only further solidified that Veda, within the Innovators' headquarters, was indeed hidden at the dark side of the moon.

Despite the upcoming battle being one of the fiercest they would have, Saji and Soma announced their intentions in participating. Lockon expressed his sentiments to them, saying that even though it's different for each of them, they have their own reasons to go. Setsuna added that their feelings, their reasons for fighting, were what connected them to the future. The Gundam Meisters then each spoke about their goals. Lockon announced his goal of overthrowing the Federation and shooting down the Innovators. With everyone united to recover Veda, Sumeragi announced that the ship would depart as soon as the maintenance and resupply had been completed. She asked Lockon if it was all right with him and he agreed. With Lasse recovered, Celestial Being prepared to head to Lagrange 2.

Fight Towards Lagrange 2

Lockon's upgraded Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R

After the meeting, Lockon sent Celestial Being's mission plan to his comrades in Katharon. After reaching Lagrange 2, the Ptolemy Crew went to their positions. Lockon's Cherudim Gundam was upgraded into GN-006GNHW/R Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R. Before he sortied, Lockon told the late Anew that he was going. The Gundams soon engaged the A-Laws mobile suit force waiting ahead.

The battle started out in Celestial Being's favor. The Gundams had the advantage thanks to the new weapons and upgrades installed into them. In Cherudim, Lockon exclaimed how awesome the new weapons were as he shot down the enemy mobile suits one by one. Not long though, the A-Laws managed to seal away the Gundams' main powerhouse strength, the beam weaponry. Anti-particle beams began to spread into the battlefield after Setsuna had destroyed 3 of the A-Laws' decoy ships. With the creation of the anti-field, the beam's effectiveness was reduced, making the majority of the Gundams' weapons useless. A second wave of A-Laws force soon followed in larger numbers, holding NGN Bazookas and missile launchers.

During the fighting, Lockon noticed an enemy GNX-III attempting to pierce through Tieria's Seravee Gundam, which was a sitting duck within the anti-field. Lockon deployed the GN Shield Bits to protect Tieria and tackled the GNX-III away from Seravee. At that moment, Lockon noticed that some of the A-Laws mobile suits had breached their defense and were making their way to the Ptolemy II. Cherudim couldn't pursue as it was forced to defend from the persisting enemy missile attacks. Fortunately, just as Celestial Being's situation was going worse, the reinforcements from Katharon came. Using their own missiles and linear rifles, Katharon shot down the Aheads and GNX-IIIs attacking the Ptolemy II and the Gundams. While he counterattacked using GN Missiles, Lockon expressed relief to see his comrades.

Cherudim destroying an A-Laws Baikal-class battlecruiser

Celestial Being managed to get pass the anti-field thanks to the Katharon's arrival. The Gundams led the way to the A-Laws' ships and prepared a route for the Ptolemy II to their destination. Just then, Federation Forces Colonel Kati Mannequin told the Gundams on the comm to focus their strength instead on defending their ship. The remnant of the Federation Forces was also fighting the A-Laws, focusing on dividing the enemy fleet at the center and making way for Celestial Being.

While everybody was fighting, Setsuna surprisingly warned everyone of an incoming sinister light that was going to hit the battlefield. A large powerful particle beam suddenly came from the dark side of the moon, indiscriminately wiping everything on its path. Lockon managed to avoid the beam without damaging the Cherudim. At the aftermath, many debris could be seen floating in space. The A-Laws suffered overwhelming losses from the attack and retreated immediately from the battle. In the middle of confusion, a giant asteroid ship revealed itself at the dark side of the moon. With the appearance of the Innovators' mothership, "Celestial Being", Sumeragi announced to allied forces of their intention of retrieving Veda and thanked them for their support thus far. Celestial Being then charged forward to their mission ahead of them.

Last Mission

As soon as the enemy mothership, Celestial Being, started firing its gun turrets, the Gundam Meisters were ordered to protect the Ptolemy II and secure the break-in route into the enemy mothership. Lockon activated Cherudim's Trans-Am and started sniping at the active enemy gun turrets ahead. The overwhelming numbers of the gun turrets did prove to be a challenge for Lockon to handle, but fortunately, Tieria was there to defend Cherudim with Seravee's GN-Field.

Cherudim on defensive to protect Ptolemy II from Gagas

The Gundams eventually secured the advance route for the Ptolemy II. As half of the gun turrets were taken out, the Innovators then sent out a large number of their suicide units, the GNZ-004 Gagas. The Gagas immediately activated their Trans-Am and rushed their way to the Ptolemy II. Lockon and the Gundam Meisters went on defensive and shot down the approaching units, but the Gagas' overwhelming number was just too much for them. Some of the Gagas then penetrated the Ptolemy II's GN Field and damage the ship. The accompanying lab transport tried to act as a shield for Ptolemy II, but was eventually destroyed by the Gagas. Fortunately, Katharon and Federation Forces from behind provided cover fire for the Ptolemy II. As soon as the Ptolemy Crew found an entrance into Celestial Being, they immediately went inside the enemy mothership using Ptolemy II's Trans-Am. Lockon, Setsuna and Tieria then split up to find other infiltration points into Celestial Being.

Lockon penetrated into one of the docking ports of the enemy mothership. There, he encountered the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam, which he immediately recognized as the mobile suit of his brother's killer, Ali Al-Saachez. Ali launched the Arche's GN Fangs, in which Lockon countered by having Haro dispatch the GN Rifle Bits. Reaching in close quarters, Ali disarmed the Cherudim of its GN Sniper Rifle II. As he was going to strike again using the GN Buster Sword II, Ali noted that war was better fought in close combat. Lockon quickly dodged the attack and returned fire using Cherudim's GN Pistols II to shut Ali up. However, the beam shots barely scratched the Arche and were easily brushed off as Arche managed to jump towards Cherudim.

Arche Vs Cherudim

Ali swung the GN Buster Sword II to chop the Cherudim, but Lockon defended using the GN Pistols II. As the two Gundams clashed, Ali proposed that he would kill Lockon again after he had killed him. Lockon retorted that it's not going to happen since he would crush him first. Cherudim pushed back Arche's sword and fired a volley of beam shots at Arche. Ali dodged the attacks, and countered by simultaneously cutting off Cherudim's lower right leg with Arche's right foot saber and hitting Cherudim's chest with the GN Buster Sword II. Lockon could feel the damage as sparks started flying off inside Cherudim's cockpit.

As the fight continued, Lockon managed to get a safe distance from Arche and started firing at it using Cherudim's GN Pistols II. However, Ali was able to dodge Cherudim's attacks and eventually closed the distance between the two Gundams. The Arche swung the GN Buster Sword II at Cherudim, which was forced to defend with GN Pistols, and sent it flying from the impact. Ali eventually cornered Lockon and had the Arche pinned the Cherudim against the wall. At that moment, GN Particles from 00 Raiser began enveloping the entire Celestial Being through Trans-Am Burst System. Ali was temporarily distracted by the thoughts being spread by the GN Particles, which then gave Lockon the opportunity to push the Arche away. As he went for close combat against Arche, Lockon expressed his anger towards Ali for killing his older brother and his family. Ali was surprised to hear that Lockon was the younger brother of the late Gundam Meister who he had killed 4 years ago. Lockon asked what of it and Ali expressed his excitement on killing the younger brother of his old nemesis. With Arche's right sword arm taken out, Ali used Arche's feet sabers to attack Cherudim and cut off its left wrist. Sensing Ali's battle lust, Lockon questioned Ali what kind of psycho was he. Ali frenziedly replied that he was just being himself.

Cherudim on Arche's monitor

After Cherudim blasted a hole in Arche's head, Arche grabbed Cherudim's neck and smashed the Gundam onto the ground. While Arche held down Cherudim, Lockon fired back in desperation.

In the ensuing battle, the Arche Gundam suddenly stopped moving. After capturing Veda, Tieria Erde had the GN-009 Seraphim Gundam activate its Trial System, which disables all machines connected to Veda. Lockon took advantage of this and took out Arche's remaining left arm. As Arche fell to the ground, Lockon expressed his shared sentiment with his late brother for hating Ali Al-Saachez. He then shot at Arche's torso, finally destroying the Gundam. However, as Lockon had thought it was over, sensors detected Ali escaping from the area. Lockon immediately exited Cherudim to give chase.

Ali was escaping for his life as he was wounded on the left side of his lower torso. Lockon caught up to him and shot him on the right shoulder to make him stop. The mercenary had no choice but to comply; releasing his gun and raising both his hands. As Lockon pointed the gun at Ali, he reflected on how the same man took away his family. He was about to shoot when Anew's words of mutual understanding suddenly came to his mind and convinced him to drop his gun.

Ali looking behind as Lockon points a gun at him

Ali took advantage of Lockon's hesitation and quickly grabbed his gun to shoot Lockon. However, Lockon reflexes were faster and shot Ali right in the head. Lockon shot Ali two more times after that. As Lockon went back to Cherudim, his thoughts were on Anew. Lockon thought,

Anew, thanks to you, I came to believe that a world where people can understand each other is not impossible. That's why, even if the world rejects me, even if the world blames me, I'll keep on fighting! As a Gundam Meister of Celestial Being!

Final Confrontation

Lockon was resting above his cockpit when he suddenly received an order from Ptolemy II to assist Setsuna in combat. Lockon acknowledged the command and met up with Allelujah towards 00 Raiser's location. There, the two Gundam Meisters noticed that the Innovator's Gadessa was about to hit the 00 Raiser with the attack from the GN Mega Launcher.

Lockon's Shield Bits protecting 00 Raiser from Gadessa's beam attack

Lockon immediately launched 3 of the GN Shield Bits to save the comrade from certain death. Since Setsuna was facing 3 of the Innovators, Lockon and Allelujah split up to help him out and faced off Revive Revival's Gaddessa and Hiling Care's Garazzo.

Lockon started off with firing beam shots at the Gadessa. Revive responded by firing a blast from GN Mega Launcher, but the Gundam easily dodged the attack. Cherudim's beam shots eventually hit the Gadessa, but they were too light to damage the enemy mobile suit. With the beam blast being too slow for Cherudim, Revive then began firing the Gadessa's GN Vulcans. Despite Lockon's effort to evade all of the shots, Cherudim was still hit and lost its left arm in the process. The two continued their fight with clashing and exchanging shots at each other. Revive later tried again to fire beam blasts at Cherudim, but Lockon still dodged them all and ended up destroying Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher. As Cherudim flew from a distance, Lockon noted how poorly the Innovators fight without Veda.

The two continued exchanging fire at each other during the battle. Lockon was eventually overwhelmed by the Gadessa's attacks as the accumulated damages on Cherudim took toll on the Gundam's overall maneuverability. Eventually, Cherudim's cockpit was hit by enemy fire, and the resulting impact caused Lockon to receive a head injury. As blood flowed through Lockon's right side of his face, he desperately asked Haro if Cherudim could still use its Trans-Am. Haro responded that it could only be used for one second, and with that, Lockon went head on to fight against Gadessa.

Lockon deployed the remaining GN Shield Bits to assist Cherudim in battle. As the two mobile suits clashed, Gadessa took out Cherudim's GN Shield Bits and GN Pistol II. With Cherudim incapacitated, Revive turned the Gadessa back to inflict the final blow to the Gundam using the GN Beam Saber.

Cherudim flanking Gadessa through Trans-AM

However, Lockon dodged the attack at the last second and flanked the Innovator using Trans-Am. He then shoved Cherudim's remaining GN Pistol II into Gadessa's right side torso and shot into it until the Gadessa was destroyed. Revive was killed instantly and the resulting explosion hurdled Cherudim into the open space. With the victory, Lockon noted how this was what Celestial Being had been made for. He then remembered Anew, before finally succumbing to unconsciousness. After the major battle with Innovators, Lockon and Cherudim were recovered by the Ptolemy Crew.

Staying with Celestial Being

With A-Laws and Innovators defeated, peace returned throughout the Earth Sphere. The reformed Federation disbanded the A-Laws and returned the sovereignty of the nations they had subjugated. Former Katharon members were pardoned and some of their leaders were given seats in the Federation assembly as their special members. Lyle didn't return to Katharon, and had decided to stay with Celestial Being. After the Battle of Lagrange 2, Celestial Being members were given time for vacation. Lyle returned to Ireland and installed a gravestone dedicated to Anew next to the Dylandy plot. Before the Dylandy gravestone and Anew's, he silently told his loved ones,

Lockon visiting his family's and Anew's graves.

Dad, Mom, Amy, Brother... I'm cutting my ties with Katharon and choosing the life of a Gundam Meister. I'll face this world as Lockon Stratos. Even if the world should reject me, I'll keep on fighting until I'm punished. Guess I won't be heading to where you are just yet. Until that day comes, please wait for me, Anew.

Lyle returned to Ptolemy II and took the helm with Lasse, returning to space to rebuild Celestial Being for the future.

Shadow Interventions

Celestial Being hid behind the shadows after their battle with the Innovators to observe the situation and recuperate their strength. They still performed small interventions now and then, without the use of the Gundams, to lend a hand to the Federation government, which was on the path of true pacifism.

Colony Public Corporation

In A.D. 2314, Celestial Being received a tip from Veda about a possible assassination attempt to Azadistan Princess Marina Ismail and other Middle Eastern representatives during their visit at the Colony Public Corporation. The princess's objectives for the visit were to check on the Middle Eastern labourers, who had been forced to work in space during the previous Federation regime 2 years ago, and take those who would want to return to Earth. Lockon disguised himself as one of the pilots of the shuttle that the Middle Eastern representatives would use during the trip.

Lockon during the mission to thwart the assassination attempt on Marina Ismail

On the way to the construction colony, the shuttle was attacked by 3 Colony Corporation's GNX-609T GN-XIIIs. The shuttle's head pilot was too shocked to respond to the sudden attack, which forced Lockon to take the helm and get the shuttle to safety by himself. Setsuna, who was in a Space-type Flag, arrived shortly and intercepted the attacking GNX-IIIs. After the GNX-IIIs had been taken care of, a Colony Corporation employee then tried to assassinate Marina inside the shuttle. Lockon immediately intervened at the scene and shot the assailant. Middle Eastern representative Shirin Bakhtiar wanted to know who he was but Lockon immediately left the shuttle and boarded Setsuna's Flag. As the two Gundam Meisters left the area, Lockon asked if Setsuna was just going to leave without greeting Marina, but Setsuna responded that it wasn't necessary.

Once the two had returned to the ship, Feldt met with them in the MS hanger and offered each of them a drink. Lockon was relieved to accept the refreshment and complimented Feldt for growing up to be such a fine lady. Feldt turned to Setsuna and asked him about the mission. Setsuna responded that it went well and then quickly left for his quarters. Lockon noticed the situation and, after Setsuna had left, told Feldt that she could hit Setsuna on the face and the young man would still not understand her feelings.

ELS Conflict

After the ESF had destroyed the derelict space probe, Europa, heading towards Earth from the Jovian orbit, strange occurrence began happening around the world. People with potential Quantum Brainwaves were being strangely involved in mysterious accidents; it was as if they were being targeted during the events. Celestial Being received reports from Veda that the incidents had a connection to the debris from the destroyed Europa, which managed to reach the Earth surface. Realizing the possible dangers on their friends on the surface, Setsuna and Lockon head out to check on them.

Celestial Being Reunited

Lockon in Dynames Repair rescuing Allelujah and Marie in Mongolia

Lockon headed out to Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy's last known location using the GN-002RE Gundam Dynames Repair. Upon reaching a solar receiver facility in Mongolia, he noticed that Allelujah's alter ego, Hallelujah, was dealing against unmanned vehicles inside the compound. Lockon shot down the helicopter and the ground vehicles chasing after Hallelujah. Upon their meeting, he told the Super Soldier that the couple's vacation was officially over. He took Allelujah and Marie back with him to the Ptolemaios, where the two were greeted upon their return.

After resting from the last operation, the Ptolemaios Crew briefed about the current situation and the mystery surrounding the recent events, including the mysterious encounter Setsuna had while checking on Saji and Louise. The possibility of alien lifeforms were discussed, but the group couldn't decide on the extraterrestrial's real purpose. Just then, Mileina alerted the crew about a huge vessel coming their way. They were surprised to know that the vessel was the same Europa that had been destroyed by the Federation not long ago. The Gundams were launched to intercept. Lockon sortied in his new Gundam, the GN-010 Gundam Zabanya.

When the Gundams arrived at the scene, they saw hundreds of silver objects along with the abandoned space probe. Lockon began opening fire at the possible alien forms. During the fighting, Lockon noticed that Setsuna was strangely not retaliating from the attacking aliens. Not long, Setsuna was moving away from the team. Zabanya and Harute were left dealing with the Europa and the rest of the silver objects. As Lockon was chasing the Europa, an array of orange beams suddenly appeared to shoot down the aliens approaching Zabanya from behind. The beams came from a huge mobile suit, CB-002 Raphael Gundam, which appeared to assist the team. It saved Setsuna's 00 Raiser from being completely assimilated and destroyed Europa by using sheer firepower. After cleaning up Europa's debris, they met the Raphael's pilot, who was none other than Tieria Erde.

Ptolemy Crew's meeting about the ELS

On the observation deck, Lockon and the rest of the Gundam Meisters greeted Tieria. Upon learning about Setsuna's unusual behaviour towards the unknown life forms, Tieria concluded that the aliens, who had been named as Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifter (ELS), were sentient. Later on the bridge, Tieria told the Ptolemy Crew about the additional information that he had gathered from Veda. The crew wondered if this was the possible alien encounter that Aeolia had postulated hundred of years ago. With the recent attacks on human society, Lockon, along with Lasse, decided to fight against the ELS. Allelujah and Marie argued against their decision, as it was inconsiderate to the aliens, which they barely understood. Setsuna, who was an Innovator, couldn't contribute to the conversation and abruptly left the bridge.

ELS Encounter on Mars

It wasn't long after the disposal of the second Europa that a swarm of ELS began gathering at Jupiter. The crew decided to intercept the approaching fleet of ELS in accordance to Setsuna's request. As they headed there, it was reported that a fleet of ESF Forces was engaging against the ELS near the planet Mars. When the Gundams arrived at the scene, however, the whole ESF fleet had been already wiped out. The Gundam Meisters immediately switched to battle formation as the ELS turned their attention on attacking the Gundams. At the start of the battle, Lockon launched all of the Zabanya's GN Missiles to quickly decimate the ELS's primary numbers.

During the battle, Setsuna told the rest of the Gundam team to clear out of the battlefield, as he subsequently activated 00 Raiser's Trans-Am Burst Mode to communicate with the ELS. Unfortunately, he failed to establish connection with the aliens and the 00 Raiser was assimilated. Lockon and the rest of the Gundam Meisters moved quickly to Setsuna's rescue.

Lockon in Zabanya fighting against the surrounding ELS

Lockon launched the Zabanya's GN Rifle Bits II to assist him in battle. Despite their efforts though, the Gundam Meisters were unable to break through the swarm of ELS. With that, Tieria lured the ELS while in Raphael using his Quantum Brainwaves and separated the GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II. Lockon, Allelujah and Marie were worried about Tieria's sudden decision, but Tieria insisted for them to focus on recovering Setsuna. As a last support, Lockon left the GN Rifle Bits II to cover for Raphael before heading out to Setsuna's location.

Thanks to Seravee II, Lockon was able to retrieve 00 Raiser's cockpit container. As Zabanya and Harute began retreating using Trans-Am, Tieria self-destructed Raphael and Seravee II in an effort to destroy all of the ELS in the area. Unfortunately, most of the aliens survived the explosion. With the ELS chasing after the remaining Gundams, Hallelujah and Soma in Harute tried to lure the ELS, but some of them were still after Zabanya, which had the container holding Setsuna. Locked in a desperate situation, Lockon launched Zabanya's Shield Bits (GN Holster Bits) in an attempt to delay the ELS. Fortunately, the Solbrave Squadron, led by Captain Graham Aker, arrived in time to provide support for the retreating Gundams. Zabanya and Harute later reached the CBS-742 Ptolemaios 2 Kai safely. Celestial Being retreated from the space sector immediately after removing Setsuna from 00 Raiser's cockpit container.

In the Ptolemy, Setsuna was sent into the medical bay for damaging his brain cells during his attempted dialogues with the ELS. Together with Feldt, the remaining Gundam Meisters, Lockon, Allelujah and Marie, stayed for a while to look after Setsuna's condition. Later, the trio then watched over the resupplies and the transferring of GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] into the ship. With the new ELS planetoid heading towards Earth, Celestial Being prepared for their final confrontation with the ELS.

Battle at the Absolute Defense Line

Zabanya entering the battle between the ESF and the ELS using the GN Rifle Bits II

The ESF prepared their Absolute Defense Line in Lagrange 2 in preparation for intercepting the approaching ELS armada. Several days later, the battle between two forces finally commenced. During the conflict, Celestial Being joined in to support the ESF. Lockon launched in the upgraded Zabanya, wielding the GN Rifle Bits II for artillery support. The ELS demonstrated advanced ability to learn by copying the ESF's mobile units and diffusing the attack from the ESF Headquarter's 80m grade GN Laser. With the advanced technology and large numbers of the ELS, the ESF fleets were getting decimated one-by-one in such short period of time. However, despite the precarious situation, Lockon and the rest of Celestial Being continued to fight for the sake of humanity's survival.

As the ELS began breaching the ESF's defense line, Setsuna eventually woke up and launched in 00 Qan[T]. Upon his arrival, Lockon, Allelujah and Marie immediately made a path for Setsuna to the ELS planetoid. Lockon launched the GN Holster Bits and performed combinations of several heavy assault attacks to mow down hundreds of ELS units on the way. Setsuna had decided to commence dialogues with the ELS in hopes of understanding the aliens and to stop the current one-sided battle.

Zabanya in Trans-AM

After Setsuna had reached the planetoid, Lockon continued to fight using Zabanya's remote weapons. He was later cornered by the ELS, and it took out Zabanya's left arm and some of the Holster Bits. However, he counterattacked by activating Trans-Am and launching all of Zabanya's GN Missiles at once against the ELS fleets. While fighting in close combat with the ELS GN-XIVs, Lockon heard the conversation about the Ptolemy Crew evacuating the Ptolemy II Kai, which had been already half-assimilated by the ELS. The crew expressed their objection to Sumeragi's orders to evacuate and desired to continue fighting until the end. Lockon concurred with their sentiments as he and the rest of the Gundam Meisters noted that it was their duty as members of Celestial Being to pave way to humanity's future and tomorrow.

Despite the damages to Zabanya, Lockon kept on fighting, believing that Setsuna's dialogues with the ELS would come to fruition just like how he and Anew had been able to understand each other.

Lockon looking at the ELS Flower in space after the battle

Not long later, the ELS suddenly stopped fighting and gathered back to the ELS planetoid. Setsuna and Tieria were able to reach understanding with the ELS and had launched to the ELS home planet to further understand them. Lockon left Zabanya's cockpit together with the Haros and looked at the ELS planetoid, which had transformed into a yellow flower, with great joy and relief. The flower symbolized the ELS desire to stop the fighting and hostilities; effectively ending the conflict with the ELS.


Advanced European Union

Main article: Advanced European Union Lyle was born and raised in Ireland. During his family's death anniversary or when he's not busy, he would return to visit and leave flowers on their grave.

Owen and Lindsay Dylandy
Neil and Lyle's mother and father were among the accounted dead when KPSA bombed and killed their parents at a public building.
Amy Dylandy
Lockon's little sister who died along with his parents during a terrorist bombing.

Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being Lyle's purpose in joining Celestial Being was only to spy on the organization and provide intel to Katharon. He wasn't even shown to be close to the Ptolemy Crew, with exception to Anew Returner. However, after Anew's death, Lyle decided to fight for his own as a Gundam Meister for Celestial Being. After the defeat of the A-Laws and the Innovators, Lyle stayed in the organization to fulfill his promise to Anew Retuner.

Gundam Meisters
Setsuna F. Seiei
Setsuna was the one who recruited Lyle to replace his older brother to the ranks of the Gundam Meisters. Lyle wondered if Setsuna approached him to carry on the legacy of his brother, but Setsuna replied that it was done to give Lyle the opportunity to change the world his way using Gundams, just like what Neil had once wanted. After Setsuna had killed Anew to save him, Lyle once tried to take revenge, but decided to not go with it and eventually forgave Setsuna. During Celestial Being's seclusion after the battle with the Innovators and the A-Laws, Lockon and Setsuna became partners during Celestial Being's shadow missions and developed a sense of camaraderie.
Tieria Erde
During their first meeting, Tieria was so strict on Lyle. Tieria was very cautious as Lyle was not the same Lockon Stratos from 4 years ago. Lyle even wondered if Tieria just plain hate him or his brother.[28] However, as the two took part in many missions together, the two eventually learned to accept each other and help each other in the times of needs.
Allelujah Haptism
When Allelujah first met Lyle, he mistook him as the late Lockon Stratos, just like the rest of the Ptolemaios Crew. Lyle was the one who found Allelujah with Marie Parfacy when Allelujah had gone missing during one of their battles with the A-Laws. Lyle also gave advice to Allelujah when the latter had some quarrel with Marie's alter personality, Soma Peries. He rescued Allelujah (Hallelujah) once again 4 years later on Mongolia from the infected vehicles during the crisis with the ELS.
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)
Lyle's older brother whose real name is Neil Dylandy. Though it was heavily implied that Neil was favored over Lyle, Neil's actual feelings towards Lyle are unknown, though it could be said that Neil did love his little brother, providing for his lifestyle and choosing to fight for his future.
Crew of the Ptolemaios II
Feldt Grace
When Lyle was just starting in Celestial Being, Feldt was attracted to him because he looked the same as his late brother. Lyle later did some drastic measures, such as playing with her feelings, just to make her wake up and stop comparing him with Neil. Lyle's act did soured the beginning of their relationship, but it was later shown that the two has eventually grown to become close friends.
Anew Returner
Lyle met Anew during a resupply by Ptolemy. The two immediately struck up a friendship and Lyle was immediately in love with her. While Ptolemy was stranded on Earth, Lyle and Anew became lovers. Lyle was the first to learn about Anew's relation with the enemy, but chose to hide it from his fellow crew members in able to protect her. Even after her revelation as an Innovator, the two still had mutual feelings for each other until the very end. Lyle decided to stay in Celestial Being in tribute to her memory.


Main article: Katharon Lyle joined the anti-Federation group, the Katharon, after witnessing the misgivings of the world government to other non-members and government dissidents. Lyle went with the code name Jean-1 in the organization.

Klaus Grad
Klaus is one of the top leaders of Katharon. Lyle reports to him directly about the actions of Celestial Being. It was revealed in the official files that Lyle and Klaus are old friends.[29]


Ali Al-Saachez
The KPSA's leader who killed his beloved family, including his brother. First, Tieria told Lyle that Ali Al-Saachez was Neil's killer. During and after his fight with Ali and his GNW-20000 Arche Gundam, Lyle gloated that he couldn't judge Neil for what he had done; just like Neil, Lyle also stated he couldn't just forgive Ali as well. But when Lyle was chasing Ali, Ali attempted to take advantage of Lyle's hesitation. However, Lyle made the first shot and finally killed Ali by shooting him three times.

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Notes & Trivia

Dylandy's at the cemetery in Season 1 episode 9

  • Lyle first appeared in the 9th episode of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. At the start of the episode, it showed two Lockon Stratos at a graveyard; one was in front of a grave and one was watching hiding behind a tree. It was not specified who's who between the two in the scene and it was noted to be left ambiguous by the writers and directors. The scene was left to the audience's interpretation.[30]
  • In volume 1 of novelization of the Gundam 00 Second Season, after his first mission in Celestial Being, Lyle was described humming a children's song from Northern Ireland.[31] It is parallel to Neil Dylandy, who also hummed an Irish children song during his first armed intervention (2307 A.D.) in the first novel of Gundam 00.[32]
  • In novelization, it was revealed that Lyle has a scar on his head from where he fell out of a tree when he was young.[33] Only Anew knew about this.
  • According to Gundam 00 Mission Complete, Lyle's catchphrase in Season 2 was supposed to be Sniping the Disturbance! (乱れ打つぜ, Midare Utsuze), but it was scrapped by the director himself.[34] It's literal translation was I am confused and will shoot down the targets!, which could be viewed as a running gag in the series referring to Lyle's lower accuracy rating than Neil.[35] The same catchphrase would finally be used in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie -A wakening of the Trailblazer- (officially translated in English as Firing without targeting!) when Lyle shot down multiple ELS to make way for Setsuna and 00 Qan[T].[19]
  • Lyle is a close friend of Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei-hen's protagonist, Crowe Burst. He even knows the financial problems experienced by Crowe including his debts that can not be settled even after the game's ending. Also notable is that Crowe did not make the mistake of assuming he was like his brother, but rather on his own terms.
  • In the same game, his pre-CB piloting history is referenced in a scene where he appears in an Enact and snipes an enemy (with his identy unknown to the allied group), though it reminds them some of the late Lockon.
  • In Gundam Breaker Mobile, Lyle Dylandy's sprite is misplaced onto the Neil version of the Lockon Stratos AI Pilot, This was later amended after the Pick Up Capsules featuring him was released.
    • The actual Lyle Dylandy AI was later made available in the Ver. 3.0 update in July 21, 2021.

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