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Leina is taken to Glemy Toto and held captive aboard the Endra. The now enraged Judau is confined to the Argama's mess hall, but escapes with Elle's help. The two of them launch in the Double Zeta and Gundam Mk-II to rescue Leina. But Gottn plans to use Leina as a hostage in order to defeat the Double Zeta.


There's infighting among the White Base crew with most of the teenagers from Shangri-la choosing to help Judau break out and look for Leina. Eventually Judau in the ZZ Gundam and Elle in the Mk II leave the ship and stumble across Gottn carrying a Web Bomb (a number of bombs held together that resembles a spider's web) disguised as an asteroid as part of Chara Soon's plan. Judau destroys the Web Bomb by shooting it with the beam rifle.

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