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This is an episode list of the episodes that took place during the Universal Century timeline.


The year is 0079 of the Universal Century Calendar. It has been over half a century since man began colonizing space, and a number of colonies have been established since then.

The cluster of colonies farthest from the earth, Side 3, declared themselves the Principality of Zeon, and began fighting a war for independence from the Earth Federation, the One Year War. In the first month of the war, the use of nuclear weapons, poisonous gasses, and colony drops, among other things, caused the loss of billions of lives, half the population on both sides.

The Antarctic Treaty was signed, setting up the rules of the war, and banning the use of these powerful weapons. However, since Zeon had mobile suits and the Federation did not, this agreement gave Zeon the upper hand. It is now 8 months after the war began, and both sides have reached a stalemate.

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Mobile Suit Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

  1. Prelude of ZZ
  2. Nahel Argama

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

  1. The White Mobile Suit
  2. The Meeting with the Machine that Day
  3. Uso's Fight
  4. Who We Are Fighting For
  5. Godzorla's Counterattack
  6. A Fighter's Radiance
  7. Sound of the Guillotine
  8. Fierce Fight! Attacking in Waves
  9. Setting Off
  10. Behold! The Shrike Team
  11. The Shrike Team's Bulwark
  12. Let's Get Rid of the Guillotine
  13. Gilbraltar Airspace
  14. Offense and Defense at Gilbraltar
  15. Space Dust
  16. Reinforce Surfaces
  17. The Empire's Queen
  18. Battle of the Space Fleets
  19. Locate Shakti
  20. The Eve Before Decisive Battle
  21. Strike the Decisive Satellite
  22. The Space Tiger
  23. Infiltrate Zanscare
  24. Offense and Defense at the Capital
  25. To the Enemy Fleet and Land
  26. Maria and Uso
  27. The Light of Outer Space (The Flash That Runs Through Space)
  28. The Great Escape
  29. The New Mobile Suit V2
  30. Mother's Gundam
  31. Motorad Takeoff
  32. Pressing Doggorla
  33. People Who Dwell in the Sea
  34. Operation Giant Roller
  35. Mother or Shakti?
  36. Mother Returns to the Earth
  37. Counterattack of the Twinrad
  38. The North Sea Begins Burning
  39. The Song of the Wings of Light
  40. Under the Super Aerial Attack
  41. The Battlefield Created by Father
  42. Fresh Blood Swirls in the Light
  43. The Battlefield Comet Fuala
  44. Love is at the End of the Light
  45. Uso Dances with Illusions
  46. Tassile's Revolt
  47. Women's Battlefield
  48. Vanquished Life, Blooming Life
  49. Above the Angel's Ring
  50. The Battle Called Upon by Hate
  51. The Ascension of the Angels

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