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After War Gundam X

# Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "Is There A Moon?"

"Tsuki wa Deteiru ka?" (月は出ているか?)

April 5, 1996
After a year long stalemate with the United Nations Earth military, the Space Revolutionary Army carried out a massive colony drop onto the Earth, killing 99% of the human population and plunging the world into a nuclear winter. Now, 15 years since the wars end, the Earth has finally started on the long road to recovery in an era known as After War. Garrod Ran, a boy born at the end of the war survived the harsh world by becoming a technician and capturing mobile suits to sell on the black market. After completing the capture of a Jenice mobile suit, he is approached by Reich Anto for a job, to rescue a girl captured by a Vulture captain named Jamil Neate.
Successfully rescuing Tiffa Adill from the Freeden, Garrod heads to the randevu spot to find Reich Anto waiting for him to take Tiffa back. Noticing how terrified the girl is of the man, Garrod instead drives off with her, following her directions as they try to evade Reich as he chases them with a trio of mobile suits. Finding an abandoned base belonging to the United Nations Earth military, Garrod finds a GX-9900 Gundam X and climbs into the cockpit with Tiffa. Activating the Gundam, Garrod engages in battle against the three mobile suits to protect Tiffa.
02 "I'll Give You Power..."

"Anata ni, Chikara wo..." (あなたに、力を...)

April 12, 1996
Defeating Reich Anto, Garrod comes face to face with the Gundam Leopard and the Gundam Airmaster from the Freeden, and barely escapes the two professional pilots. As Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill rest, information brokers spread out and sell information on the battle they had just seen and the appearance of the Gundam X. The pilots of different Vulture groups all track down and locate the Gundam X as Garrod and Tiffa try to make camp in the forest, only to force a battle between the young pilot and an army of mobile suits.
As the Gundam X starts to falter due to the vast amounts of mobile suits attacking it, Garrod swears not to let Tiffa die, his words causing Tiffa to use her Newtype powers. Registering the Gundam with a lunar base, the main weapon activates on the Gundam X and Garrod takes aim as the captain of the Freeden tries to make contact with Tiffa to warn her not to let the weapon be fired. The attempted warning does not reach Tiffa, and Garrod pulls the trigger of the powerful Satellite Cannon at the attacking Vulture mobile suits and land battleships.
03 "My Mount is Fierce!" April 19, 1996
The damage and death caused by the firing of the Gundam X's Satellite Cannon is too much for Tiffa's mind to bare and she faints in the cockpit of the Gundam. Using his knowledge of the Gundam X, Jamil Neate rushes to the mobile suit and captures, it along with Garrod Ran. The young pilot is escorted to the brig while Tiffa is taken to the small sick bay on the Freeden for treatment. As the Freeden seeks cover, the mobile suits of the Alternative Company comes under attack by a red Gundam, its pilot stopping the destruction of the Daughtress mobile suits to offer his services to the owner of the company.
Setting up camp by a lake, the Freeden observes a battle between a group of Vultures and a strange black mobile armor, and dispatch their two Gundams when the Vultures notice them. Saving Olba Frost, the mobile armor pilot offers to help repay the Freeden for saving his life and for allowing him to repair his mobile armor by helping out in any way that he can. As Garrod Ran breaks out of his cell once more to pick flowers to leave by Tiffa Adill's bedside, he is captured by Jamil Neate once more and questioned. But the interrogation is cut short as the first officer of the Freeden runs up to the two and alerts them that Tiffa's condition has taken a turn for the worse.
04 "This Operation is Time Critical!" April 26, 1996
With Tiffa's condition growing worse, the crew of the Freeden try to figure out the reasoning of their Captain for taking the girl in the first place and why he is so set on risking a dangerous second assault on the Alternative Company just to get the medical equipment and supplies needed to save her life. Jamil finally agrees to tell his bridge crew and two hired Gundam pilots the reason for his quest, that he was once a Gundam Pilot during the war and as a Newtype he was going to do whatever he could to prevent other Newtypes like Tiffa from being used just in the same manner that he was at her age.
Not agreeing with the reasoning behind Jamil's motives, and feeling that the quest he is on is beyond them, Witz and Roybea state that they have fulfilled their contracts by completing and protecting the Freeden during and after the first raid. Leaving the ship with their Gundams, Jamil calls in a favor with three other Vulture captains that he has befriended and with the help of the mysterious Olba Frost, he plans another raid on the Alternative Company. As Garrod argues and tries to get permission to join the sortie to save Tiffa, the crew is betrayed.
05 "You Pull The Trigger" May 3, 1996
As Olba escapes the damaged Freeden with a captured Tiffa Adill to the Alternative Company, his brother Shagai makes good on his deal with Fon Alternative and attacks the group of Vulture ships with a team of mobile suits from the Alternative Company. Determined not to let Tiffa fall into the hands of the company, Garrod takes command of the Gundam X with Jamil's permission and engages in battle against Shagai and Olba in their own Gundams. As the battle continues, Jamil notices similarities in Garrod to himself during the war.
Determined not to lose Tiffa again, Fon Alternative uses a salvaged mobile armor from the Space Revolutionary Army to launch a long range attack on the group of mobile suits, not caring if he hits his own or kills the Frost brothers after their service to him. seeing the danger that they are in, Jamil rushes to Garrod and combines what little power he has left from the war with Tiffa's to help him strike back at the Grandeene.
06 "I Don't Like It" May 10, 1996
Upset about an accident that he caused that cost the Freeden time, money, and injuring crew members, Garrod sets off on his own to make things right by going to an abandoned nuclear power plant to try and salvage parts. As he reaches the plant, he is attacked by a group of mobile suits whose leader is determined to capture the Gundam X for herself. Meanwhile Tonyia tries to get Tiffa to help Garrod feel more comfortable, talking with the young girl and giving her some of her make up to wear to try and impress the boy.
Discovering that Garrod has left the ship, and what he is up to, Jamil takes off in a Daughtress to try and stop the young boy, knowing that he does not know the dangers of messing with parts or equipment at a nuclear power plant. As Garrod dodges attacks and tries to fight back against his attackers, the mobile suits unwittingly damage the plant and cause as chain reaction leading to a nuclear meltdown.
07 "I'm Going to Sell the Gundam!" May 17, 1996
Barely escaping with their lives, Garrod returns to the Freeden with the damaged Daughtress and Jamil, the captain placed in critical but stable condition in the Freedens medical bay. As Garrod tries to apologize for what happened, he is slapped by Sala Tyrrell, and over hears the crew talking about him.
Feeling angered and rejected, Garrod takes off with the Gundam X with plans to sell it in the nearest town at an auction. As he leaves the Freeden, the leader of the mobile suits that attacked him at the nuclear power plant becomes more interested in him because of his piloting skills and good looks.
08 "I Won't Forgive Him!" May 24, 1996
Rejecting Ennil's offer and thinking that her plan is to kill him to get her money and the Gundam, Garrod nervously fires a shot off close to her head to scare her off. Running away from her he is attacked by another mobile suit pilot that was at the auction and failed to bid high enough to get it. The man attempts to beat the location of the Gundam and its control unit out of Garrod, but is stopped by a tall dark haired man that Garrod has never seen before and Olba Frost.
Taking Garrod with them to a small outdoor cafe, the three introduce themselves to each other formaly, the two men being Shagai and Olba Frost. When questioned by Garrod why they saved him, they reply that they have never lost a mobile suit battle till they came up against him, and that they want him to continue to pilot the Gundam X so that they can kill him in it and redeem their honor.
09 "Like Rain on the Street" May 31, 1996
While talking with the Frost Brothers, Garrod over hears the towns people talking about a battle going on in the mountains between two groups of Vultures. Remembering that the Freeden is the only ship and Vulture group in the mountains, Garrod quickly rushes to his Gundam and is pursued by the two brothers. The ship, being defended once more by Witz sou and Roybea Loy for their own reasons, is under a heavy assault by the angered Ennil El and a group of Vultures lead by Zakoot Dattonel.
Coming to their rescue, Garrod arrives and fends off attacks by Ennil as Witz and Roybea attempt to fight the Frost brothers. Under the command of Sala, the Freeden moves onto a lake only to be encased by flames once more as it falls into the trap laid out by Zakoot. Jamil regains consciousness just in time to come up with a plan and inform the crew and the Freeden pilots of it, that Garrod will use the Satellite Cannon again.
  • Episode 10 - I Am a Newtype
10 "I Am a Newtype" June 7, 1996
At the snow covered town fortress of Fort Severn, the leaders of the town hold a conference, promoting that the town will forever be safe because of the young boy in charge of their military forces, Carris Nautilius is a Newtype. Officially joining the crew, Witz, Roybea, and Garrod make themselves comfortable on the Freeden as it heads towards a destination that Tiffa has detected the presence of a Newtype. But as the ship nears Fort Severn, Tiffa gets a vision that Garrod will be killed in combat against a strong enemy and begs him not to sortie when the Freeden comes under attack because the Newtype will be the death of him.
Believing partly in what Tiffa has told him, Garrod goes out on sortie with Witz and Roybea as the Freeden comes under attack, meeting the Newtype that Tiffa sensed in a strange mobile suit. Feeling that if the pilot really is a Newtype that he can't possibly lose, Garrod engages the other pilot in battle.
11 "Just Run Without Thinking!" June 14, 1996
Defeated by Carris, Garrod's Gundam X is badly damaged and he injured in the cockpit, to avoid him being killed by the strange Newtype, Tiffa willingly surrenders herself to him in exchange for sparing Garrod's life. Taken to Fort Severn, Tiffa is paraded through the streets and press releases by the Mayor declare that Carris rescued her from vile and evil Vultures that kidnapped her. Once at the capital building, Carris is told by the Mayor that he is not to have contact with her because they both have the same type of power and it would not be wise for them to be together.
Recovering from his wounds, Garrod falls into a deep depression at being defeated and at now being powerless to protect or even rescue Tiffa. To break him out of his depression, Jamil takes him to a frozen lake and tosses the control unit for the Gundam X out onto it, telling the boy that if he wants to pilot the Gundam and get Tiffa back then he has to get the control unit. As the sounds of a battle erupt in the distance from the Frost brothers once more attacking the Freeden, Jamil leaves Garrod alone to complete his task on his own.
12 "It's My Best Work" June 21, 1996
Piloting the newly redesigned and upgraded Gundam X, now called the Gundam X Divider, Garrod fights off both of the Frost brothers and forces them to withdrawal. Angered by their defeat once more at the hands of the boy, Olba rushes in to try and get one last blow in and try and kill Garrod only to find himself meeting one of the Gundams newest weapons. Not wanting his younger brother to be killed, Shagai throws himself and his Gundam Versago into the line of fire to protect him.
With the threat of the Frost brothers past, Garrod sneaks into Fort Severn to try and get Tiffa back on his own, using the skills that he developed in his years of living alone and capturing mobile suits. While in the capital building he comes across a dark secret of the Mayor and also learns that Carris is actually a Cyber-Newtype, as well as running into another old enemy whose only wish now is to see him dead.
13 "I'm a Fool; Shoot me" June 28, 1996
Angered by what Garrod did to his brother, Olba Frost returns to attack the Freeden to get vengeance, his attack forcing Jamil to once more take command of a mobile suit and defend the ship. The battle between the mobile suits spreads quickly into Fort Severn, and the chaos caused by it is used by Tiffa and Garrod to escape capture. Retreating to safety, Garrod watches and learns as Jamil fights against Carris in his Bertigo, the younger pilot breaking off his attack after he suffers a sudden mental break.
Returning to the Freeden, Garrod informs everyone that the Mayor of Fort Severn is actually a ex-scientist from the Space Revolutionary Army, and he is planning to use either Tiffa or Carris to pilot a massive mobile armor called the Patulia. As he gives his report, Carris appears in his mobile suit and Garrod goes to meet him, the two young pilots engaging in a duel to settle things once and for all.
14 "Can You Hear My Voice!" July 5, 1996
Losing his duel with Garrod, Carris tricks the other boy into shooting him with a pistol and is rushed into the medical bay of the Freeden for treatment. After recovering slightly from his wounds, Carris goes out into a blizzard, planning to end his life since he things it has no meaning anymore since his world has come crashing down around him. Rescued by Tiffa and Garrod from the cold, they convince the Cyber-Newtype that he does have something to live for and that he can start anew, and be their friend. But the joyous moment is cut short as Ennil arrives in one of Fort Severns mobile suits and kidnaps Carris, taking him back to the fort city.
Once back at the fort, the Mayor straps Carris into a capsule in the Palutia, turning him into nothing more but a fighting machine and activates the mobile armor from a control room inside of it with Ennil El. The Patulia slowly rises out from under Fort Severn, destroying much of it in its launch, and then under the command of the crazed Mayor Noama Long, it starts to attack the city. Garrod and the pilots of the Freeden launch an all out attack on the mobile armor, to put an end to the mad Noama Long and his dreams to burn the entire surface of the Earth and kill all of the humans living on it.
15 "I Wonder if There's a Heaven?"

"Tengoku nante Aru no kana" (天国なんてあるのかな)

July 12, 1996
With the events of Fort Severn behind them, the Freeden gets ready for its next journey, putting into a safe place to make repairs and allowing for two of its Gundam pilots to have some time off. Roybea spends his time delivering roses to all of his girlfriends in the area, spending time with them before heading off to the next town and the next town to give her a rose as a token of his affection for her. He saves one final rose and a bottle of wine for the one woman how he truely loves and cares for, planning to visit her last.
As Roybea is off on his own, Witz returns to his hometown to visit with his surviving family and spoil his younger siblings with the earnings of the life he keeps secret from them. Sensing that something isn't right, and noticing changes in his childhood home he finds out a secret that his family was keeping from him, and his mother in turn berates him for being a mobile suit pilot. Leaving home he heads to a bar, sharing his tale with the bartender, the old man giving him some advice that helps put things into order. But his time with the man is cut short as the town comes under attack by a group of marauders, and Witz defends his hometown with his Gundam, leaving one final gift for his family.
16 "Because I'm a Person Too" July 19, 1996
Starting out a new adventure the Freeden heads to a point on the coast that Tiffa senses another Newtype, once there the crew decides to take a break from their long search and constant guard over the ship by having a small beach party. While the rest of the crew relaxes, Tiffa attempts to make contact with the Newtype by going out on a small boat on the ocean, and is promptly searched for by Garrod and Witz in their Gundams. The two pilots find Tiffa being chased by Orcs, a type of Vulture that operates on the Sea and behave like pirates.
Not trained in undersea combat, Garrod is quickly over taken by the skilled mobile suit pilots of the Doza fleet, and only manages to escape thanks to the help of Witz and a pod of dolphins. After recovering his weapons lost during the underwater battle, Garrod finds Tiffa by the sea shore talking to the dolphins and discovers that the white dolphin is the one she sensed. As he watches Tiffa swim, be sees a microwave circuit extend from the moon to a point on the distant horizon... showing the Satellite System in use.
17 "Please Determine That for Yourself" July 26, 1996
Reporting to Jamil and the others about the microwave circuit, the Freeden starts out over the Pacific Ocean to find the source on the Earth, knowing that it can only come from another Gundam X. While on the way across the ocean they detour to protect the white dolphin from Doza Bale, an Orc captain that uses the brains of dolphins to power his D-Navi System.
After a pitched battle, the white dolphin asks Tiffa why humans kill one another, not understanding since dolphins do not kill their own kind. Takeing Tiffa's advice to heart, she watches and finds the answer herself, coming to the aide of Garrod and the other Gundam pilots.
18 "The Sea of Lorelei"

"Rorerai no Umi" (Loreleiの海)

August 2, 1996
While on a recovery mission in the Sea of Lorelei, Olba Frost and an Orc captain named Marcus Guy come across a mysterious woman in a sealed container resting on the bottom of the ocean floor. Unsure as to who she is, Olba contacts his brother for information, and as the two brothers try to resolve what is going on the Orc submarine that Olba is on encounters the Freeden. Lead by Tiffa, the Freeden comes under attack by the Orc ship and its mobile suits, the Gundams holding out till Olba enters the battle in his own Gundam.
Captured by the massive scissor claws of the Ashtaron, Garrod is helpless in its grasp till all power to his mobile suits and those around him mysteriously shuts off. While on the bridge of the Freeden, Tiffa stands before Jamil and introduces herself as Lucille Liliant...
19 "I Feel Like I'm Dreaming" August 9, 1996
Free of the hold of the Ashtaron and of the mysterious power, Garrod lands a crippling blow to the Orc submarine, forcing it to surface and withdrawal along with Olba Frost. Going back to the Freeden, he learns that Tiffa has become possessed by the mind and power of a Newtype stronger then her, they mysterious woman on the Orc ship and the former instructor to Jamil Neate. She revels to all what happened to her 15 years ago shortly before the end of the war, and the crew agree to help Jamil free her from the ship and her capsule.
Turning over control of the Gundam X Divider to Jamil, Garrod instead takes charge on the bridge of the Freeden for a short time, allowing Jamil to take part personally in the rescue of his friend. After defeating the Orc mobile suits, causing enough damage to their sub for them to abandon ship, the Gundam Pilots of the Freeden are faced with a new challenge as a large unknown force appears over the horizon.
20 "...So We Meet Again"

"...Mata Aeta wa ne" (...また逢えたわね)

August 16, 1996
Damaged and short on supplies, the Freeden puts into port at Saints Island, and independent nation that is thriving because of a power station left undamaged by the war. After being inspected by the customs and immigration officer, Miles Goodman, the Freeden is allowed to stay at the island and the crew to get some rest. Sent out on her own to get most of the shopping done for the ship, Toniya runs across Ennil El, neither knowing who the other is.
Becoming friends with the red head, she goes to her bar for a girls night out, and runs into Miles Goodman who is engaged to the woman. Recognizing her as a member of the Freeden's crew, and the encounter with her on the ship, he says so and causes Ennil to leave quickly to the sea port. Quickly purchasing a new prototype mobile armor, Ennil plans an assault on the ship as it leaves the protected waters of Saints Island...
21 "My Dead Wife's Favourite Saying " August 23, 1996
Not impressed with the efforts of Colonel Aimzat to capture the Freeden, or his faith in Newtypes, the New United Nations Earth Committee members send as special operative to take care of the task of capturing the Freeden as well as Jamil Neate and Tiffa Adill. Katokk Alzamille, camouflages his team as fisher men whose boat was damaged by and in distress to gain access to the Freeden only to be escorted into a trap set by the crew thanks to the warning of Tiffa.
Escaping as a planned attack by mobile suits of the N.U.N.E., Katokk engages in a running gunfight through the Freeden, allowing his team of soldiers to do the fighting as he finds a way for them to get off of the ship safely so that he can take part in a special part of the mission that he had planned just in case of such a thing.
22 "The Ghost of 15 Years Ago " August 30, 1996
Stopped by Tiffa from turning himself into a human bomb, Katokk is placed in a room on the Freeden under armed guard and interrogated by Jamil Neate as to the location of the island base of the New united Nations Earth. But the questions change as they two start to talk about the war, and how the soldiers in the regular army called Jamil "Hero". While on patrol, Witz and Garrod find Ennil in the remains of her mobile armor, bringing both her and the black box to the Freeden for questioning and finding out the location of the base Zonda Epta.
Using an explosive device hidden in his candy, Katokk escapes from his holding cell and dis-arms his guards, using their weapons to capture the bridge of the Freeden as it enters Zonda Epta's waters. Holding Jamil at gun point, he tells him the reason why he hates him and Newtypes as well as what is on the island.
23 "My Dream is Real " September 6, 1996
Captured and imprisoned on the island, Garrod tells off Katokk, striking a nerve with the soldier and causing him to almost knock him out with one punch. As the crew of the Freeden is held in a cell, Jamil and Tiffa are taken to meet with Aimzat as he plans to move them to the Newtype Labs for research into their powers and abilities.
Over hearing the conversation, and interrupting it briefly to put his own two cents in, Katokk leaves to his quarters and looks at a picture drawn by Tiffa, a picture of his dead wife and daughter. As the crew is held captive, they start to plan their escape and recover their Gundams then their ship and the others, but before their plan can be put into action fully, they are betrayed...
24 "Double X, Activate!" September 13, 1996
Guilty about her betrayal, and betrayed by Aimzat, Ennil helps the Freeden crew in their escape as Katokk helps Garrod get onto the transport ship carrying Jamil and Tiffa. As the battle with the escaped crewmen and women of the Freeden heats up on the island, Jamil and Tiffa make their own escape on the transport ship, rushing to get the control unit of the Gundam X to Garrod. Making their way into the cargo hold of the New UNE transport ship, Garrod and Katokk find the new Gundam Double X and are pinned down by enemy fire.
Coming to their rescue, Jamil proves that his title as "Hero" is well founded as he takes out the soldiers at the door and allow for both he and Tiffa to get the control unit of the Gundam to Garrod. Seeing more soldiers coming, Katokk uses himself as a human shield to protect the children from the soldiers, telling Jamil and the two teenagers the truth of what the New UNE did during the war and asking for Garrod not to make the same mistakes as those in the past. Running to the Double X, Garrod climbs into the cockpit and activates the new Gundam, escaping from the transport ship to find the Freeden escaping the port and an large formation of enemy mobile suits...
25 "You are our Star of Hope " September 20, 1996
After escaping from Zonda Epta and evading the New UNE Navy, the Freeden lands in a country in southern Asia called the People's Republic of Estard and are approached by its leader and generals to join with them in their fight against the New UNE military. At first declining the offer, the crew changes their mind after they survive and witness the aftermath of a large carpet bombing raid carried out by the New UNE on civilian areas.
Taking part in an operation with the allies of Estard, the Freeden crew launch a two prong assault on an airbase that is responsible for the bombing raids into Estard and its allied neighbors. Garrod leads one team behind the enemy only to encounter the Frost brothers waiting for him, and finds out that the rest of the force is walking into a trap.
26 "Don't Say Anything " September 27, 1996
After surviving the trap laid out for them and destroying the airbase, the crew of the Freeden head back toe Estard where they are hailed as heroes to their cause. Unsure of his commitment to what is going on Roybea leaves the Freeden, leaving his Gundam Leopard behind, heading off unescorted into Estard as Witz takes up an offer from General Lee Jackson to upgrade his Gundam Airmaster to more better compete with the newer mobile suits and mobile armors being made by the New UNE military.
The Frost brothers, tired of losing to Garrod and his new mobile suit, take part in a card game with ace pilots from the New UNE to see which order the would fight the Gundam. The person who draws the highest card fights first, followed by the second highest and so on, with the first battle taking place in the capital of the United Kingdom of Northernbell.
27 "It is Time for Goodbye " October 5, 1996
As the war rages in Asia, other battles are taking place in other places in the world. Ennil El returns home to Saints Island to find it captured by the New UNE and her fiance Miles Goodman executed along with every public official on the island and their families. Angered, she turns to her friend Lumark Kaoto for a new mobile suit.
With the fall of Northernbell, the N.U.N.E. extends a peace treaty to both Estard and the Democratic Republic of Gastar, hoping that the ethnic tension between the two will force one to fold. When Gastar accepts the treaty, the People's Republic of Estard is forced to surrender to the New United Nations Earth. Not happy by the turn of events, General Lee Jackson leads a team of volunteers to the boarder to mount a last stand against the New UNE military. As Garrod and Witz try to rush to the boarder to stop him, they are confronted by a new and deadly enemy...
28 "Must I Shoot? " October 12, 1996
While staying with Yurina Sonohara in a part of Estard occupied by the New UNE, Roybea discovers that she is part of a Resistance force that is fighting against the New UNE to regain independence. As he has breakfast with her the leader, Tessa Tain, of the group comes to visit and ask him to join with them in their fight, and uses his skills as a Gundam pilot to fight for independence. When Roybea refuses, the resistance leader pulls a gun on him, but is stopped by Yurina.
The group has little time to argue as they discover that they are being surrounded by New UNE military and try to sneak out of the back window of Yurina's home, only to come under attack. Shot by a sniper, Yurina tells Roybea to go back to the Freeden and defend the people that he loves and cares for, and Roybea watches as Tessa shows him his own defiance of the New UNE and his belief in independence. Returning to the Freeden, he finds the ship under attack by a new giant mobile suit for the New United Nations Earth military...
29 "Look at Me " October 19, 1996
Escaping from Estard as it surrenders, the Freeden starts to make its way north into Asia to try and find the Newtype Labs that Jamil and Tiffa were going to be taken to my General Aimzat. The long hard battles have caused a rift to grow between Garrod and Tiffa, as the young boy starts to concentrate more on his duties as a pilot and less on his feelings for the young girl.
As the Freeden makes its way through the forest, it is attacked by a new mobile suit of the New UNE and the Frost brothers, the pilot of the new suit being able to activate the Flash System of the experimental mobile suit and prove himself to be a Newtype. Out numbered by the bit mobile suits of the enemy, the Gundam pilots start to find themselves faltering under the attack. During the heavy fighting, Tiffa runs to the top deck of the ship, to try and help Garrod in the battle and protect him from being killed by the ace New UNE pilot.
30 "I Feel Like I May Never See You Again " October 26, 1996
As the Freeden nears the Newtype Labs, Tiffa has a dream and a feeling that she my never see Garrod again so she goes to see him. The young pilot promises her that they will always be together, and that he will protect her from harm.
As the Freeden continues on its way the Frost brothers lurk in the shadows, plotting another trap for the crew and its Gundams. As the Frost brothers plot out their trap, another force in the shadows plans their own and put them into action as they two brothers force their hand, a plan to return to space.
31 "Fly, Garrod! " November 2, 1996
Garrod sits staring at the sky at the base of his Gundam, the contrail of the rocket and shuttle fading away along with Tiffa, the girl kidnapped by Nicol Faphus of the Space Revolutionary Army and taking onto the shuttle bound for the space colonies. Finally snapping out of his daze by the Freeden's doctor with the use of one of Tiffa's drawings of Garrod and her together, he tells the crew everything that he saw.
Returning to the ship, they encounter Ennil El, the woman's arrival and warning about the planned kidnapping coming to late. But using the other information that she has, the Freeden makes its way to a captured base belonging to the New UNE taken over by SRA spies. Making a deal to give the spies the Double X and Garrod to help them test the mobile suit, the S.R.A. agents allow Garrod to board a space warship that they are stealing from the New UNE for study. As the ship starts to depart, the base comes under attack by New UNE forces and the Frost brothers...
32 "That's The G-Falcon! " November 9, 1996
As Garrod goes into space aboard the captured New UNE space warship, the S.R.A. crew is taken in by his kind nature and allow him to go onto the bridge to look out the view port at the stars for the first time. There he learns of the spacenoid belief in Newtypes being born and created in space just from people living in space colonies and not on the Earth. As Garrod waits for the ship to near the colonies, Triffa meets with the leader of the Space Revolutionary Army, Lord Seidel Rasso and is presented to him as a Newtype born on Earth.
When the warship nears one of the colonies, Garrod is forced to take the bridge crew hostage and escape in his Gundam in an attempt to get to the colony known as Cloud 9. Not use to piloting a mobile suit in space, he becomes an easy target for the SRA pilots training in the area and their ace from the war Lancerow Dawell.
33 "How do You Know Me? " November 16, 1996
Waking up days later, Garrod accepts the offer of Pala Sys to join with the anti-SRA group Satyricon whose belief is that the Earth and it's people should be left alone by the spacenoids, and instead be left alone to heal from the war. In return for his joining them, the technicians at Satyricon's base repair the Double X.
Lancerow meets Tiffa and is stunned to find out that she knows Jamil Neate, and that she openly tells him who the pilot is of the new Gundam mobile suit that he fought. While out on a special mission by the SRA leader to wipe out Satyricon, Lancerow meets Garrod in combat and talks to him to find out what Jamil is doing now, and to warn him of the incoming attack of the SRA warships.
34 "I Can See the Moon! " November 23, 1996
With the destruction of Satyricon, Lancerow returns to the Cloud 9 and is honored as a hero in a special award ceremony by Seidel Rasso. After the ceremony, he attends a special lunch with the SRA leader and invites Tiffa to come along with him as a special guest. As they talk about what a Newtype is and Seidels steadfast beliefs, Tiffa looks into his heart with her Newtype powers and picks one word out... D.O.M.E.
Surviving the destruction of Satyricon, Pala and Garrod plan to take revenge for those killed in the SRA attack and rescue Tiffa at the same time by completing the mission that they would have done. Using the Satellite Cannons of the Double X, Garrod disrupts the firing of the Colony Laser, and forces Seidle to return Tiffa to him, firing the Satellite cannon one more time before heading back towards the Earth with Tiffa and Pala.
35 "I Will Not Let the Light Of Hope Go Out! " November 30, 1996
While returning to Earth, the Double X is intercepted and captured by the Frost brothers in their upgraded Gundams and a fleet of New UNE ships and mobile suits. Taken to Earth, Garrod and Tiffa are brought before Fixx Bloodman, the leader of the New United Nations Earth and Tiffa uses her powers once more to discover the very same word as the SRA leaders heart in the man. Escaping from their guards, Garrod and Tiffa free Pala and recover the Double X and G-Falcon.
As Garrod and Tiffa are escaping, a train carrying Jamil Neate and the crew of the Freeden stops in the middle of the deserted area, and the group is lined up for execution by the soldiers. But the execution is cut short, as a group of mobile suits appear and attack the train and New UNE soldiers.
36 "The Next War is the War We Wanted " December 7, 1996
As Garrod, Tiffa, and Pala flee from the New UNE and the Frost brothers, they are rescued by Carris Nautilius and the crew of the Freeden. Taken aboard a large carrier plane, they head to the New Orleans base of the North American Resistance Force, a group of Vultures and people that have banded together to fight the New UNE and keep their independence.
Returning to Bloodman, the Frost brothers learn of the councils reluctance to go to war with the SRA now that the Colony Laser has been destroyed and instead are pushing for peace, and take matters into their own hands to insure that their vision and plans go ahead. As the crew of the Freeden rest at the New Orleans base, news comes that the New UNE has launched its space fleet and are heading for the moon in mass.
37 "Freeden, Launch!" December 14, 1996
Learning that the New UNE is on the move, the Space Revolutionary Army launches its fleet as well and sets course for the moon, determined to beat the other fleet there and make contact with D.O.M.E. Fixx Bloodman, after hearing that Seidel Rasso is leading the fleet in his flagship, launches in his own flagship to show that he is not afraid to face the SRA leader on equal terms and lead his forces into battle.
As the fighting starts in space, the crew of the Freeden start to prepare for what they must do next, spending time with they ones that they care for before boarding a space battleship built by the North American Resistance Force. Stealing the ship that they have named the Freeden II, launching into space to go to the one place that Tiffa has told them they had to get to... D.O.M.E.
38 "I Am D.O.M.E. People Once Called Me A Newtype " December 21, 1996
As the Freeden II nears the battle between the SRA and the New UNE, Garrod activates the Satellite Cannons of the Double X, using the microwave circuit to clear a path to the moon between the two warring factions. The Gundams and Freeden II rush forward towards the moon only to be caught up in the fighting with the SRA and New UNE in the 8th Space War.
As Garrod gets closer to the moon, the defense system of the lunar base sends up its mobile bits to escort him safely to the surface, and gather all those that are needed for the special meeting. The leaders of the SRA and New UNE call a cease fire as they head to the moon under the protected escort of the lunar defense system, to finally meet with the object they are fighting over ... D.O.M.E.
39 "The Moon Will Always Be There " December 28, 1996
D.O.M.E. introduces himself to the group of pilots and leaders, telling them all exactly what they must do in order to make the future that they want to come true, and that the ideology that they hold onto about Newtypes is nothing but a fabrication. Devastated by the news of what D.O.M.E. has to say the leaders of the SRA and New UNE are unsure what to do next as they finally understand.
Leaving the moon, the three ships find that the war has restarted due to the Frost brothers, and a final battle between Garrod Ran and the two brothers erupts as they pit Satellite Cannon against Satellite Launcher.
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