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Lino Fernandez (リノ・フェルナンデス?) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin.


Lino Fernandez hailed from Side 5 Loum and was the friend of the real Char Aznable. In U.C. 0074, Éduoard Mass, disguised with sunglasses, sat beside him during their enrollment at the Zeon Military Academy on Guardian Banchi, Side 3 and Lino didn't know his friend had actually been killed by Kycilia's assassins, who assumed him to be Casval Rem Deikun.

He was Char's first roommate, prior to the exchange made by Garma Zabi. Lino from the start suspected "Char" to be fake when Char displayed skills in basketball and physics as well as catching him with his sunglasses off, revealing his blue eyes. Later, during a war game against the Federation forces garrison, as Char's squad flanked the enemy, Lino gave "Char" one last test, mentioning that the real Char took charge during a Lunarball game back in high school. When "Char" agreed, Lino privately chuckled to himself, having just confirmed his suspicions that the blond man before him was an impostor.

Dawn Rebellion

As Garma was rallying the cadets to launch an assault on the Federation garrison base, Lino confronted Char, revealing that his anecdote that he mentioned during the war game was a falsehood. He further revealed that he had been investigating in his spare time and determined "Char" to be Casval Rem Deikun, the son of late Zeon Zum Deikun and in fact managed to survived his fate from being killed in a shuttle explosion. He tried to convince Char that he is a supporter of the late Deikun and the Ral family, and pledged to support his revenge against the Zabi family, even presenting him a pair of modified goggles to strengthen his disguise in the academy.

During the operation led by Garma, Char concluded that Lino must be eliminated (either because of not gaining full support or fearing that his secret would be slipped out). Char had him hijack a Federation tank and telling the other cadets that Lino was already killed by said tank, this made them avenge Lino by destroying the very tank he was in. Char told Lino to switch to a private communications channel beforehand so that his cries to prevent the friendly fire would be unheard by the other cadets. Realizing that Char set him up, Lino, referring to Char by his birth name, begged him to reconsider but was ignored as Char fully cast off his former identity.[1]

Following the Dawn Rebellion, a framed photo of Lino was carried by a classmate during a parade. That photo was later placed on a memorial to the deceased cadets outside the Academy.[2]


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