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Linear Train Industries is an international industrial company that maintain the orbital elevator's transportation systems in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The face of the company has always been about transportation technology, but the company is unofficially a resource of Celestial Being. The Linear Trains of the 3 Orbital Elevators transport resources and Gundams to space. Exia, Dynames, Virtue and Kyrios all rely on the Linear Trains to be delivered back to space after entering Earth.

Known Members

Laguna Harvey

The president of Linear Trains Industries is Laguna Harvey, a Celestial Being agent. He would later betray Celestial Being, using company resources to secretly develop his own GN Technology to create the GNW Gundam Throne series and the GN-X series.


Aiding Celestial Being

Laguna's affiliation with Celestial Being is an untold tale. The fact his company provides resources to Celestial Being and related to Aeolia Schenberg's Orbital Elevator plans suggest his family or at least himself was part of the secret organization for a very long time. He had Linear Train Industries assist Celestial Being to smuggle materials, equipment, Gundams, and operatives in between Earth, the Orbital Elevators, and various Lagrange points.

Personal Agenda

Much of Laguna's intentions are unknown. It's speculated he wanted more than just wealth - most likely political influence or power. Ribbons Almark and Alejandro Corner were secretly in contact with him to start developing GN-powered technology based on data stolen from Celestial Being. The Gundam Throne units were dispatched in Episode 16 to aid the four Gundam Meisters in the Taklamakan Desert.

Creating Team Trinity

The full history of the Trinity siblings is unclear, however they had been secretly active before the events of A.D. 2307. According to the novelization, the Trinitys are actually the children of Ribbons Almark. Using his own genetic material, he used cloning facilities to give birth to his personal Meister troupe. For unexplained reasons, the Trinitys are fully aware of their creation, but not of their "father". After activation, they were sent to Laguna Harvey, given a spaceship, the Throne Gundams, and various secrets pertaining to Celestial Being. The Trinitys began their own interventions and Celestial Being stayed away. Laguna Harvey directed the Trinitys by giving them missions, information, and supplies.

Destroying Celestial Being

Using the data from the Throne Gundams, Linear Train Industries created the GNX-509T Throne Varanus. Alejandro invited Ms. Deborah to a secret establishment, requesting her to be the test pilot of the Throne Varanus. Throne Varanus was the prototype for the upcoming GNX-603T GN-X series. Although the full scope of his intentions were unknown, it appeared he had been attempting to gain favor and greater influence over the world by offering GN-powered technology to the world. It's unclear why he would sacrifice his own group, but exterminating the Trinitys seemed to be part of his plans. He unleashed the Thrones to cause chaos and then gave the world GN-X's to destroy them. Laguna was manipulated by the Innovators into building and selling thirty GN Drive-equipped GN-X mobile suits to the three power blocs.


Ali visited Laguna at the Linear Train Corporation Headquarters, requesting Laguna to give him a mobile unit for combat, hinting on the GN-X. Ali never accused or said Laguna was part of Celestial Being, but hinted everything to suggest to him that he knew a lot more than it appeared. Laguna wanted to know his intentions and Ali explained he wanted Laguna's influence to have him become part of the regular military as he perceived no future being a mercenary. Ali subsequently left the building in anger, suggesting his request was denied. It was later when Alejandro Corner was hacking Veda that he discovered Laguna's activities and mentioned that his actions would be put to an end; the following scene revealed Laguna dead on his office table, shot through the head by a bullet. Later, when Ali was about to wipe out the Trinitys, he revealed to them it was he who killed Laguna.


With the death of Laguna Harvey, Team Trinity were not able to receive any supplies or reinforcements. Team Trinity was defeated single-handedly by Ali al-Saachez. Johann and Michael were killed by Ali al-Saachez, who then captured Gundam Throne Zwei. Nena was the only Throne Meister left and consequently she took refuge under Wang Liu Mei. Celestial Being were not able to receive any materials, equipment, Gundams, or operatives from Earth, the Orbital Elevators, and various Lagrange points because Laguna Harvey had formerly supplied them all.

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