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Linear Train Industries is an international industrial company that maintain the orbital elevator's transportation systems in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The face of the company has always been about transportation technology, but the company is unofficially a resource of Celestial Being. The Linear Trains of the 3 Orbital Elevators transport resources and Gundams to space. Exia, Dynames, Virtue and Kyrios all rely on the Linear Trains to be delivered back to space after entering Earth.

Known Members

Laguna Harvey

The president of Linear Trains Industries is Laguna Harvey, a Celestial Being observer. He later betray Celestial Being, working with another traitor, Alejandro Corner, to create the Gundam Throne series and the GN-X series.


Aiding Celestial Being

Laguna's affiliation with Celestial Being is an untold tale. The fact his company provides resources to Celestial Being and related to Aeolia Schenberg's Orbital Elevator plans suggest his family or at least himself was part of the secret organization for a very long time. He had Linear Train Industries assist Celestial Being to smuggle materials, equipment, Gundams, and operatives in between Earth, the Orbital Elevators, and various Lagrange points.

Betraying Celestial Being

At an unknown point of time, Laguna began working with Alejandro and assisted the latter in building the Team Trinity's GNW-001~003 Gundam Thrones. Subsequently, he was also involved in the assembly of the 30 GNX-603T GN-Xs within secret factories located in the Orbital Elevators. He then distributed these mobile suits and their GN Drive Taus to the three major power blocs. It was speculated that he might had used the Linear Train Industries' resources to achieve all these, but this is yet to be confirmed. Later, after Laguna's usefulness had ran out, Alejandro hired Ali al-Saachez to kill him. Laguna was then killed in his Linear Train Industries' office, shot in the head.

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