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Lily Borjarno (リリ・ボルジャーノ) is a fictional character from the series Turn A Gundam.


The youngest child of Lord Borjarno, who rules over the Luzianna territory. Lily initially appears to be little more than a spoiled dilettante. She behaves pettily towards the disguised Dianna Soreil, she claims to work for the Militia out of boredom, and it seems like she's willing to allow Guin to use her as a pawn so long as he indulges her infatuation.

As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Lily is in fact an insightful and astute politician. She knows the importance of gathering powerful friends and allies, and has no qualms about ditching Guin once he becomes a liability instead of an asset. Lily negotiates with Agrippa Maintainer on the Earth's behalf and takes control of the Willgem after Guin's fall from grace.


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