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While talking with the Frost Brothers, Garrod over hears the towns people talking about a battle going on in the mountains between two groups of Vultures. Remembering that the Freeden is the only ship and Vulture group in the mountains, Garrod quickly rushes to his Gundam and is pursued by the two brothers. The ship, being defended once more by Witz sou and Roybea Loy for their own reasons, is under a heavy assault by the angered Ennil El and a group of Vultures lead by Zakoot Dattonel. Coming to their rescue, Garrod arrives and fends off attacks by Ennil as Witz and Roybea attempt to fight the Frost brothers. Under the command of Sala, the Freeden moves onto a lake only to be encased by flames once more as it falls into the trap laid out by Zakoot. Jamil regains consciousness just in time to come up with a plan and inform the crew and the Freeden pilots of it, that Garrod will use the Satellite Cannon again.

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