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Lichtendahl Tsery (リヒテンダール・ツエーリ Rihitendāru Tsuēri?), aka Lichty, is a character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Personality & Character

He has a cheerful and good-natured personality.

Skills & Abilities

As a member of Celestial Being, Lichty was trained to be a pilot for various support machines. While his primary function was vice-helmsman of the Ptolemaios, he was also trained to be a gunner for their support-use mobile weapons such as GN Arms and the Assault Container.



Lichty lost his parents, who were engineers, during the solar power wars, and he himself was mortally wounded and had to mechanize most of his missing body to survive. He struggles with his own identity, whether he is dead or alive, human or machine, and his dependence on machines.

Celestial Being

During his time on board Ptolemy, when he isn't piloting or working on ship systems, he makes fruitless attempts to impress Christina Sierra. While helping her complete her assignments in episode 10, he didn't realize that they were detected and almost got the crew caught in a surprise attack by HRL's Sergei Smirnov. Later in the series, he was left to pilot Ptolemaios by himself as Lasse Aeon teamed up with Setsuna in a separate mission.


Lichty's final moments

During episode 24, UN Forces attacked and badly damaged Ptolemy. While fending off units with single combat container a GN-X fired onto the main bridge. Lichtendahl quickly sprung out of his seat and shielded Christina Sierra from the blast. Even though they survived the blast, Lichty was badly wounded. Lichty's right side body was torn apart, revealing his cybernetic body. He was glad they managed to survive the blast and it was there that Christina accepted his feelings for her. Lichty was happy for Chris to return his feelings, but died shortly after that. His body was vaporized when Ptolemy's bridge section exploded along with Christina Sierra.

In the second season, until Anew joined the bridge crew of the Ptolemaios 2, Lasse was also in charge of steering the ship, which prevented him from focusing on the ship's weapon system, causing him to lament about Lichty's absence.


Celestial Being

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Christina Sierra
He has romantic intentions towards Christina and attempted to do nice things for her to show his sincerity, but she wasn't his type (according to her). Even though Christina is aware of Lichty's feelings, she maintains a friendly and professional relationship on board Ptolemaios. During episode 24, Lichty protected Christina from a energy blast towards the bridge of Ptolemaios. As Lichty was dying, Christina felt foolish and blind to not realize that the man she's looking for was in front of her the whole time. Lichty was happy and suddenly died, Christina held his body and shortly after they were both caught in a overload that vaporized them both.



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