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Leslie Arno (レズリー・アノー?) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam F91.


The father of Seabook Arno and Reese Arno. He is an authority on metallurgy, but resigned from his position because he didn't want his research to be used for military purposes, and lives as a laborer (welder) for Frontier IV construction. He is a man of few words, but he loves his family deeply, and he is understanding of his wife Monica, who is so absorbed in her work that she neglects her family, saying, "I love her work too".

At the beginning of the story, while working on the outer wall of the colony, he witnesses the intrusion of a C.V. MS and evacuates with his colleagues. While driving through the colony on an Elebike in his normal suit, he spots a Guntank and joins up with Seabook and the others. While escaping in a space boat, he manually opens the hatch, but discovers a child who has failed to escape and remains in the space port. In the novel version, only Leslie, who was outside the ship, is left behind due to Sam Ehrug's inexperience in piloting the space boat.

Later, she joins the resistance movement against the C.V. According to the novel version, when he was sent to repair the colony on company orders, he came into contact with a C.V. insider and learned that Carozzo was planning to massacre people on Frontier I. It was one of his friends who shot Carozzo at the ceremony, and although he opposed the shooting, it is believed that some extremists wanted to gain publicity by killing him in front of the public. He was in the vicinity of the ceremony to see if the shooting was successful or not. There, he found Seabook being chased by the C.V. and put him in a van to escape, but the van was destroyed by a XM-03 Ebirhu-S of the Annamarie Platoon and he was seriously injured. He later passes away in the cockpit of Gundam F91. In the novel version, he escapes in a space boat with Seabook and a young comrade, but is found by an enemy MS. He tries to resist with explosives, but is hit by a beam rifle in the cockpit, and the beam particles cause countless holes in his body, killing him.


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