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Template:Infobox/Mobile Weapon Ver.2 The Leo Tank is a long-range artillery variant of the GT-9600 Gundam Leopard. It appears in the original design series After War Gundam X Hyper Guide.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Developed to further emphasize Leopard's firepower, the Leo Tank has its lower body replaced with tank thread that allow it to carries even more and heavier range weapons. However, this would make it a pure fire support unit and can no longer operate on it own.


  • Plasma Cannon
  • Homing Missile
  • Shoulder Missile
  • Light Laser Cannon
  • 4-tube Missile Launcher
  • U-55 Small Type Homing Missiles
  • 4-tube Homing Missile Launcher
  • Beam Gatling Gun
  • Breast Missile
  • Tetra Beam Gatling
  • 4-tube Grenade Launcher


One of the early upgrade designs for the GT-9600 Gundam Leopard by Kid Salsamille. Kid later abandoned the design in favor of the more versatile GT-9600-D Gundam Leopard Destroy.

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