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Everything is as one... that is the Legion

Norma Legio

The Legion are a series of enhanced humans first introduce in the SD Gundam G Generation video game SD Gundam G Generation DS; their existence is non-official due to the nature of the crossover history. They're likely named for the demon in the New Testament.

The Legion were developed by Zeon under supervision of Gihren Zabi during the One Year War. However, the project doesn't bear any fruit until Operation Stardust and the Awakening of the Moonrace, when the D-type subject was considered a successful specimen. Other prototype Legion are mentioned to exist, but were most likely disposed of as failed subjects. The rest of Legion were created with cloning methods afterwards, so all Legion has same appearance. They're preteen girls with short, silver hair. They mostly wear a large red pair of glasses, similar to Harry Ord's.

Despite their appearance, Legion are very dangerous fighters. Legion have their abilities enhanced by nanomachines. In game, a unique trait Machine Children is exclusive to Legion. This ability combines the benefits of Newtype and Coordinators traits. Story-wise, they're mentioned to have physical ability of Coordinators and psychic power equal to powerful newtypes. They also have an Overboost ability which is equivalent to SEED factor. On top of these abilities, Legion also have a special Mobile suit created exclusive for them - the Centurio.

Most Legion are part of a hive-mind, they share the same personality and thoughts with Norma Legio who also acts as their leader.

In the end of SD Gundam G Generation DS's main storyline, most of Legion perish in battle at GENESIS with exception of Dee Triel. However, Norma may survive in the Rival storyline.

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