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Lee Zhejiang (リー・ジェジャン Rī Jejan?) (李 浙江 Li zhèjiāng) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Lee is an A-Laws commander in Season 2.


Early Days

Not much is known about Zhejiang other than him being an adjutant officer to Arthur Goodman and holding an commanding position in A-Laws; additionally, the novel reveals he has an ailing sister.

Operation at Colony Proud

Apprehending Celestial Being & Death

The A-Laws' search and destroy mission called forth the full attention of all their forces to destroy Celestial Being. Field commander Kati Mannequin, anticipated that Celestial Being's mothership can launch into space. Colonel Mannequin had Captain Revive Revival use GNZ-003 Gadessa's GN Mega Launcher to alter the direction of Ptolemy's atmospheric exit sequence, right into Zhejiangs' battlecruiser.[1]

Zhejiang intercepted the Ptolemaios 2 once its Trans-Am boost into space was complete. His cruiser and mobile suits fired upon Ptolemy II. Unfortunately for Zhejiang, 00 Gundam was pre-launched before fully entering space. Zhejiang didn't expect CB to make this move and paid with his life. 00 Gundam fired two cutting-beams right into the command bridge of Zhejiang's cruiser, killing him in the process.[1]

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